Hilarious Tale Of Chunk The Pomeranian Running Up To Dogs 4x His Size

Dogs are generally known to be very friendly towards humans. It’s not hidden from us that they go crazy when they feel loved. They basically can’t stop obsessing over you and don’t even get us started on that wagging tail. But what happens when dog meets other dogs? That is a serious question. Well, from what we know is that dogs do pretty well with others. In fact. dogs of different sizes can get along just fine. Although, it can get a litttttle wild if you have two dogs of different sizes. That’s mainly because the little ones like to envision themselves as large and mighty…and we understand that. They’d be tenacious enough to stand up to dogs, or any animal, that are even 10 times larger than them. Crazy, huh?

One such example is Chunk, a Pomeranian, who had all it takes to go up to dogs much larger in size than him. And things might’ve gone south…well at least the owner thought so. She shared the whole scenario on her Twitter. Her storytelling skills are definitely on point! And we kid you not, it’s hilarious! You just need to go through this thread to enjoy their adventures.

So, start scrolling already.

1. One fine day

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When you’re casually out for a walk with your dogs and another dog decides to join in…

2. Chunk obviously didn’t discuss his escape with his momma.

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Which is why she was afraid for his life…

3. Even the love won’t stop Chunk now…

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He has gotta do what he has planned

4. Chunk, the snack…

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…isn’t scared at all. He knows he has got it.

5. She’s mad, we can tell…

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Who dresses up their Pomeranian in bear suit?! Only wise people. *heart react*

6. We thought dogs understood everything we said.

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Or maybe Chunk’s ignoring. Well then that’s another thing.

7. She’s definitely scared…

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…for others. Is Chunk a devil?

8. Then she finally had it.

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God bless little Chunk!

No, this is not the end. It can’t be. In fact, this is really just the beginning of it. Little Chunk cannot give up so soon. He’s been taught better. Which is why he’s out running after big dogs in the first place. That explains a lot, doesn’t it? Keep scrolling to see what happened next.

9. Plot twist:

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It’s Chunk, that instigates everyone. We would never have known!

10. Well, things might’ve gotten out of hands…

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But they didn’t. Thank the Lord!

11. Woman, hold your Chunk!

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The poor dogs haven’t even met him properly.

12. Game time is here…

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Not any game, Peeing contest!

13. The best things in life are free…

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Absolutely no price to pay!

14. Hmm, finally the time has come…

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But Chunk’s being a naughty boy.

15. Guess who’s about to get an unasked bath!?!

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It has always been Chunk.

16. And finally, the ones who stayed calm all this time: Greyson and Lucy

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Well, aren’t these some good doggos!!

Now, that was hilarious! Although we did know earlier that little dogs tend to be tenacious but we did not know that this little guy right here, had the audacity to bite ankles. WOW! That’s one brave guy. Wonder what he’d be able to do when he grows up. But for now, we’re just gonna enjoy the little Chunk that he is right now. Adorable yet fearless! Anyways, what do you think? What was Chunk really thinking when he escaped? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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