36 Cats Who Hoard Random Things And Surprised Their Owners Hilariously

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  • June 7, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

It would be very fair to say that humans are not the only ones with psychological issues; animals have them too. Especially cats. They can have really weird psychological problems which can be adorable and hilarious at the same time.

Until this pandemic, you probably thought humans were the only creatures that hoard things. Nope, you were wrong. Regardless of the pandemic situation, cats belong to a category of hoarders too. We have gathered up a few pictures which depict how these cats would collect a bunch of random junk from every corner of the house.

No, it isn’t just food! To this day, nobody has been able to understand why these cats would be interested in collecting random things like kids toys, bottle caps or make-up stuff. According to a short survey, some people would like to go with the theory that cats think of these things as their prey, while some people believe that they would collect these things in one place just as they would gather their kittens. Well, to be honest, that’s a pretty dead logic. However, it still remains an unsolved mystery as of why the cats would be interested in doing this.

Let’s just go ahead and take a look at what these cats have been hoarding:

1.Chapsticks? Well, they probably liked the taste of it, perhaps?

2. That’s a lot of stuffed toys you got stuffed in there! One thing is for sure, they are really cosy!

3. Ever wondered where does all the stuff from throw and fetch goes? Here it is.

4. Would you look at those random things! There’s even a CD in there. How did he manage to grab that CD though? Interesting.

5. So that’s where my pair of socks has been vanishing.

6. That’s a big collection of bottle caps you got there!

7. Was she trying to decorate a Christmas tree?

8. She’s probably getting ready for a party with all that lipstick and nail paints.

9. Collecting rings from the bottles and milk jugs? They are fun to chew.

10. That’s a lot of dead mice. Just not real ones.

11. So you have been collecting my lost hair bands.


Wait, I still cannot stop thinking about how that cat managed to grab a CD from the floor because it’s difficult for even a normal human with fingers to just grab it from a flat surface. It’s really frustrating but hey, great job.

12. Moved the couch and found this. They have been stashing my toddler’s toys.

13. Okay, everything’s acceptable but that earpod case too? Really?

14. Somebody has been hiding these straws under the shelf.

15. This one probably loves to draw. A good collection of crayons.

16. Are those straws fun to chew? Yep, I enjoy chewing them too.

17. Found this under my bed. I have been playing fetch with him.

18. That’s a cute collection.

19. At least he has been collecting pairs.

20. Would you look at that collection of furry hair ties?

21. You could have found a better place to hide those bottle caps.

22. He doesn’t really seem happy with that collection.

23. Wait, is that a watch in there too? How more random can you get?

24. Didn’t even have to clean those candy wrappers because my cat would just hide it under the couch.

25. Stash found under the couch. Look at those Pepsi caps.

26. Plastic bags? Although I love it when they sit in them.


You know what, I really hate it when I lose a single sock from the pair but it’s satisfying to see at least cats are collecting complete pairs of socks. They are doing a better job at storing those pairs than I can do my whole life.

27. Somebody got caught with their cute little collection of paper balls.

28. That’s what I found when I peaked under the fridge and here’s the culprit.

29. Can I borrow one of those hair-ties? Although they are originally mine but you are the boss.

30. Here’s something I found under the rug. My little satan’s random collection.

31. Now that’s what we call a big collection of the most random things.

32. I saw her running around with that toy mouse in her mouth but it just vanished after a while. I decided to give her another one and followed and here’s what I found.

33. She loves collecting those threads.

34. You sure you need those hair-ties?

35. Oh, those are your snacks? I thought I should just stack them up in-case you don’t feed me.

36. Thank you for hiding those wrappers. My mum would have killed me.


Well, did you enjoy the show? We really hope that you did have a good laugh!
So, what do you think about why cats would collect so much random stuff? The theory which was stated earlier did not even produce a good or convincing logic at all. Either it’s their hobby to collect things or we can just assume that they have psychological problems to hoard things. Because according to a study, people who hoard things do have psychological problems, so this concept seems to be pretty convincing and legit.

But we would like to find out more perspectives about this! Please feel free to share your views on this and let us know what your animals have been hoarding and hiding from you.

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