50 Cats That Were Publicly Shamed For Their Horrible Crimes (New Pics)

  • By Malaika
  • July 2, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Cats love to get into hot water with their owners.

Well, It’s not as if they do it deliberately, they re just trying to have fun. And that means sometimes they will break a few things along the way. However, we all know our homes would not remain the same the moment we get a cat. That new couch that doesn’t have a scratch will surely end up with a lot of tears.

Even if you buy them a scratching post or toys, they will never use all that. Cats will more likely go for your clothes, shoes, or other expensive items. I am not realizing that I am making cats sound like complete a**holes. Which they are, to be honest. But what would we do without our fur babies?

So today we have set out to shame the worst of the worst. The cats that have frustrated their families for a long time. The rebels of the group. Take a look by scrolling below.

Source: Instagram

#1 Only the best care for this kitty.

Atticus – Love the name! -JillVille

#2 Is the butt okay though?

#3 Everyone deserves to be just as stylish.

Mila has done nothing wrong here. She just wants be fashionable too. -glowworm2

#4 Such a protective cat.

#5 She has clearly seen things.

Oh no Zelda, you poor thing! You gotta learn some self control sweetie! -JillVille

#6 His mustache tells all that you need to know about him.

#7 He is vetting the men you go out with.

Must not like your choice of men. -Karen Dyer

#8 It’s not his fault his litter was stinky.

#9 ‘Feed me hooman!’

The face of pure evil. -lotte hoi

#10 Now, you have an imprint of the cat paw forever.

#11 They are the meow girls.

Meow…. 1 out of 10 for the human. They is a weird shape. -Laugh Fan

#12 A star that you will always see.

#13 If only he didn’t get stuck.

Smart kitty, until kitty got stuck. -Karen Dyer

#14 Damn, That must hurt.

#15 Skitty gets to do whatever they want.

That is a familiar compromise. -Dinetk

#16 That is when they knew they f**ked up.

#17 And then the bed becomes nice and soft.

I got my kitties a tray for cat grass. One of my cats yanked out all the grass and dumped the soil all over my laundry room so she could lay in the tub dirt-free. -Cassie

#18 I think anyone would do that.

#19 The name is perfect for him.

Poopy? XD I had a tiny kitten named Pee as a small child. I named him this because his belly got so full of milk, that after a while you would poke his abdomen and pee just came out.

My mum forbade me from doing it, but the name stuck. -logical fallacy

#20 He has the eyes of the devil.

#21 I’m happy that he is back safe and sound.

Imagine the owners relief after 4 MONTHS! I lost a cat 5 years ago and as he’s microchipped I haven’t given up on finding him, even updating the address after moving twice. This post gives me hope. -Alexandra Davis

#22 Did he just lay eggs?

#23 Technically he is listening.

Technically is the best kind of right! -Alisha Veits

#24 I have higher standards now.

#25 ‘What is this cold white thing!?’

I need to hear this “meh meh” sound! -Nikki D

#26 Some cats just love to destroy things.

#27 All the food buttons away.

Go, Pepper, go, there are tons of catfood waiting to be ordered online. -Bored Birgit

#28 They are very happy with themselves now.

#29 I like dark things.

I can feel that woman’s pain. Black dress… white furr. RIP. -Zanthe

#30 Let’s just say it is a very appropriate angle.

#31 It is a hair tie tower.

Found my cat digging in my purse, thought she was being curious & cute…stole my emergency hair tie and ran off with it! -Anne Reid

#32 I have chosen these hoomans as my family.

#33 Cats sure do love food.

My cat does this too. Even if it’s a can of dang vegetables. -Mother Mary Helen

#34 I never knew cats farted as well.

OMG! We just adopted a cat who farts! I didn’t even know that was a thing cats did! -Karynne Williams

#35 The macaroni had legs.

#36 I know the feeling and I hate it.

#37 If I fits, I sits.

Ah, yes, the ever comfortable (and very kind and welcoming) Golden Retriever…. ( we used to have a Golden and a few cats…..Goldens are the most caring, loving dogs ever.) -Jean Jenns

#38 ‘I like making sure.’

#39 And trying to electrocute themselves.

Those are two gorgeous cats. -Jessica Bertram

#40 This is one purrito I want.

#41 I suppose he wanted it extra crispy.

All battered up for the fryer! -Jessica Bertram

#42 I choose you!

#43 That is the look of hunger.

Oh my, is he drooling just thinking about it? -Char Char

#44 I don’t even want to think about the last line.

#45 I will always keep you company.

I don’t think I could pee with her staring at me like that.. -Nikki D

#46 Even cats like shiny things.

#47 I am trying to get over claustrophobia.

I had a cat that did this exact same thing when I was a kid. She really loved to get stuck in the closet under the stairs, under the very bottom stair where I had to use a broom to get her out.

Oh and she was blind too, so when we got her out she would go right back into that spot and yeowl. -Elizabeth Lord Cary

#48 I don’t know why cats like biting toes.

#49 ‘I couldn’t stop myself.’

Tuna sounds like a loving big brother and I’m sure you couldn’t help going to the toilet- tornados would make me literally poop my pants too! -Alexandra Davis

#50 At least you don’t bite their noses.

Does your cat do anything similar to these cats? If so why not shame them as well by posting on the Internet? Comment down below and let us know about your fur babies’ antics.


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