Majestic AF Cats Who Look Better Than Supermodels

Cats are and have been one of the most beautiful creatures of all time. Their unique features and characteristics have been enough to set standards for us humans since a very long time.

It’s a weird thing, comparing humans to animals but, unfortunately, we cannot help but compare all their mesmerizing characteristics to not just other animals but humans as well. In a way, humans have also been obsessed with cat like features; Cateye (liner and glasses), catwalk, cat costumes, etc. So much so that being a cat is amongst the most popular halloween attire. And why shouldn’t it be! They are literally the epitome of magnificence. Not just physically but also the set of skills they possess are spectacular; the quick reflexes, heightened smell senses and sense of hearing, flexibility, their teeth and retractable claws! They are basically perfect in everything. Maybe that is the reason behind why they are so proud. Because they know, of course they know, that they are the best of the best and nobody can really be them or beat them. They have all the rights to be so.

As for us, all we can do is admire them to the fullest, as much as we can. And try our best to adapt some, if not all the qualities that they possess. And since we can’t have enough of them, let us take a look at some of the pictures that we have gathered of felines who could have been supermodels!

1. Have you ever seen such a photogenic cat?

Via Reddit

The answer is yes, yes you probably have. Forget the probability, you most definitely have.

2. Even in anger, this one looks breathtaking!

Via Instagram

What a unique blend of colors! A perfect one at that, might I add.

3. Draw me like one of your French girls

Via Instagram

The cuteness of this cat is making me feel weak at the knees

4. This cat will rule the world someday.

Via Reddit

The world of beauty and fashion

5. This one is so beautiful that they featured her on her own food

Via Reddit

And she’s making the same pose again.

6. Sorry Katie Holmes, but the cat definitely wore it better

Via Reddit

Katie Holmes probably copied this cat and its style.

7. White walker cat!

Via  Reddit

We wouldn’t even run away from this white walker. Take me, I’m ready

8. Yes we know the flowers are pretty and all

Via Reddit

But the real beauty in this picture is the cat. Wouldn’t you agree?

We are absolutely mesmerized by these cats’ extreme attractiveness. No wonder we, humans, try our best to copy/ be them. Yet, some people have doubts about that. If you’re still thinking they aren’t as pretty as we’re describing them, you need to continue scrolling. This isn’t the end and we won’t stop until you’re fully convinced. We will make you look at these and many more until you finally give in and listen to the inner voice in your head that is constantly telling you that cats are, indeed, beautiful as ever. Scroll down to fall in love with these beauties one more time.

9. Soaking in the sun,

Via Reddit

And looking extra cute and adorable!

10. This cat knows her best angles

Via Reddit

And doesn’t fail to show them off

11. Everything in this picture is mesmerizing

Via Reddit

So aesthetically pleasing!

12. Try saying ‘No’ to this face, we dare you.

Via Reddit

She’s staring into your soul.

13. If a cat sits like this, it knows that the world worships her.

Via Reddit

And we can’t even deny that.

14. This picture has the least amount of color,

Via Imgur

Yet, it’s very colorful. You have our heart, cat. Keep it safe!

15. Cats usually don’t like snow,

Via Reddit

But the ones that do, they look like snowballs themselves.

16. Even though he can’t see, he knows he’s super handsome

Via Reddit

If he doesn’t, we are ready to spend a lifetime letting him know!

17. “Very well, peasant. You may gaze upon my visage.”

Via Reddit

If we had a cat like this in our office, we would probably stay there overnight.

18. Eyeliner on fleek!

Via Reddit

Such elegance, such poise. Truly amazing.

19. That fierce look!

Via Reddit

And then, there are those turned paws.

Have we convinced you yet? Or do we need more of these? Well, even if we did convince you, we shall come up with more because who could ever get tired of looking at these beauty queens/kings. They own the world and everything in it and it has now been proven. We can only wish to be as perfect as these cats.

If you have a cat that is as majestic as these cats (who are we kidding, all cats are majestic so, yes, you do have a cat that is as majestic as these cats) share their pictures with us and who knows, we might even feature them in the next article for the world to see! Don’t forget to share this with all your loved ones, especially those who love cats!

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