50 Times Cats Photobombed Perfect Pictures & ‘Ruined’ Them

  • By Sara
  • August 4, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Cats and photographs don’t go well together sometimes.

I mean sure, if you hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your feline friend, there will be amazing results. You can see the elegance of these creatures through their photos. But this is a rare occurrence. Cats hate getting their pictures taken. But that does not stop them from photobombing our seemingly “perfect” photos.

Since they like to be the centre of attention, they tend to mess around with us a lot. If they catch you trying to take a selfie they will immediately try to ruin it by jumping on you or hitting the camera. It’s cat logic and we still have to figure out why they behave the way they do when someone is taking a picture. If you’ve never seen a cat photobombing, you’re in for a treat today. Scroll down below to see 50 times cats photobombed perfect pictures and “ruined” them:

1. To hell with your wedding.

You can see the disgust on this cat’s face.

2. Thriller!


I wonder what startled the poor kitten.

3. Sammy is about to be ambushed.

You can tell the kitten is already plotting murder.

4. Is this how the cards were printed?

When your butt is more important than someone’s wedding.

5. Science has done it!

Which breed is this?

6. How dare they take a selfie without me?!


Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who is the fluffiest of them all?

7. When you’re nothing like your parent.


This cat is a mood.

8. This is photoshopped but hilarious nonetheless.


Crazy kitty.

9. Is it a bird? Is it a plane?


It’s a flying cat!

10. Cat = Family.


The camera even focused on just the cat.

11. They never saw her again.


What an evil smile.

12. This is the face my cat makes on a daily basis.


Derp cat.

13. Nothing to see here.

Keep scrolling, buddy.

14. The poor boy was posing for the camera.

Assassin on his way.

15. I would rather look at the cat any day.


16. They teamed up.


This, right here, is the look of betrayal.

17. This cat is even jealous of food.


18. One day, I’ll drink from that mug.


Omg, mom, the cat on your cup is flipping us off!

19. What do you mean we’re not actually getting pizza today!?


I really want to know more about this picture though.

20. Spot the cat.


When you’re so mad you shoot lasers out of your eyes.

21. Heeeere’s kitty!


The dog won’t even see it coming.

22. It looks happier than the couple.

These are the only wedding photos I’m interested in seeing.

23. He looks tired in the back.


24. “He’s making that face again, isn’t he?”


There is always that one person in the family.

25. Kitty being nosy.


I wanna be in the photo too!

These pictures pretty much give you an idea of what it is like to live with a cat. Forget taking nice pictures. You’ll have a glance at your cat in every photo you take. Your camera has been haunted by the kitty spirit for life. But honestly, we’re not complaining.

26. Okay, but what kind of selfie is that?

Whatever it is, the cat is so bored that it’s yawning.

27. When you see your replacement.

I bet they’ll grow up to be best friends.

29. The pattern of the cat’s ear matches his hairline so perfectly.


When you and your cat look at the mug he just broke.

29. Help!

It honestly looks like the cat is at a rave.

30. Two-headed cat.


Hydra’s cat version.

31. This cat is getting in the spirit for Christmas.

The cat knows exactly what he’s doing.

32. This is routine stuff for cats.


Ninja cat showing off for the camera.

33. All the single ladies, all the single ladies.


It looks like he’s about to take a bullet for the other cat.

34. Please smell my butt.


Why do they have to embarrass us this way?

35. The flying dutchman.

Perfect timing.

36. Puss in boots.


Spooky season!

37. “He’s peeping again, isn’t he?”

Is this how cats check up on each other?

38. Step aside.

You’re not more flexible than the cat.

39. The poor guinea looks scared!


How do these two even get along?

40. Here you can see two rockstars.


You can tell who the lead singer is.

41. “He’s ruining my perfect picture again, isn’t he?”


The other one probably just wants a solo photo of him as well.

42. I see nothing wrong with this picture.


I would frame this photo and hang it on my wall.

43. I’m tired of you showing off your flexibility.


Grey kitty is not impressed.

44. When you drive by your friend’s car.


Like owner, like pet.

45. Why was this photo being taken?


Boo! Scared you!

46. When you’re so tired you don’t care who you hit while stretching.

I can relate to the cat in the back on a spiritual level.

47. Moments before a disaster.


Sneak level 100.

48. Making faces at someone when they aren’t looking.

Real mature, cat.

49. Look at my tongue!


I would be lucky to have a picture like that with my cat.

50. Give me attention!


What did you think of these hilarious photobombing cats? Has your cat ever ruined a picture for you? Share them with us in the comments below!

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