Funniest Pics Of Cats That Demand Your Urgent Attention Right Meow

  • By Sara
  • August 17, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

No matter how much time we spend with them, we can never fully understand cats.

Cat logic is beyond our apprehension. Their brain functions in a way human minds can not fully grasp. These silly creatures like confusing us with their weird antics. They give us mixed signals and we are left wondering in the end what exactly is it that they want. For example, when you’re trying to pick up a cat and cuddle with it, it will start scratching you and it will wiggle so you have to let it go. You will run behind it around the entire house but it won’t let you pet it. However, when you’re going to sit down to do some work, your cat would instantly want to sit in your lap or cuddle with you.

They do this because they like the attention. So when you’re not giving them attention, they will start distracting you from what you’re focused on. Let us distract you as well. Scroll down below to see the funniest pictures of cats that demand your urgent attention right meow:

1. “My cats favourite spot to sit. Is it comfy? No one knows”

Via u/kegerry

2. “Sometimes Winston invents brand new shapes”

Via u/LadyRddt

I’m convinced cats are shapeshifters.

3. “Smol kitty”

Via u/pi_god_314159

If I fits, I sits.

4. “Trying to distract me from work as per usual”

Via u/houseplant76

5. “Wanted to share my Moms cloudy loaf named Sourdough”

Via u/WetbreadB4Bed

That is a very unique name.

6. “That can’t be comfortable…. Right??”

Via u/RMO_1110

7. “Cat raising paw to gain attention”

Via u/rztan

All the single ladies, all the single ladies.

8. “Our newly adopted cat thought our art prints were windows”

Via u/nwilde121

Not the brightest creatures.

9. “We just adopted Lily today. I think she’s malfunctioning.”

Via u/_iron_widow_

She is going to grow up to be an acrobat.

10. *visible confusion*

Via u/bajinglez

Taking head tilts to the next level.

11. “Luna in the sink”

Via u/thepizzaman42What would we do without cats? They are the only thing that keeps us entertained throughout the day. You will never be bored with a cat in the house because their shenanigans never end. We should be thankful for cats.

12. “Honestly – still freaks me out every time I see her stand or walk like this. Don’t get me started on waking up to her like this…”

Via u/guactheline

I think your cat might be possessed.

13. “I don’t know what he has in his mind”

Via u/Unowpet68

14. “Our cat thinks she’s a penguin”

Via u/OxfordAndo

15. “She yells until I let her join me in the bathtub”

Via u/aquickcupofcoffeeAlways with you.

16. “I find her sitting like this all the time.”

Via u/pjwestin

17. “I took this 3 years ago and I’m still wondering how this is comfortable…”

Via u/DaifukuSakuraMochi

Cats are so flexible.

18. “Scrunchy likes to chill under my mom’s iPad”

Via u/[deleted]

It’s a hut!

19. “Spidercat, spidercat does whatever a spidercat does.”

Via u/Jelahis

20. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?”

Via r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat

How is this even physically possible?

21. “Just chilling on the cat hammock”

Via u/fryingsquirrels
Just hanging there.

22. “He likes to hop like a kangaroo when he doesn’t get enough attention, finally caught an action shot”

Via u/Thatredheadnextdoor

Is this from Paranormal Activity part 1?

23. Go LICK yourself.

Best video you’ll see today from r/aww

What did you think of these attention-seeking cats? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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