25 Photos That Proves Cats Can Sleep Anywhere In Any Position

  • By Malaika
  • June 26, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

If I fit, I sleep.

That is basically all of the following images in a nutshell. We all know that cats are infamous for sitting in a weird and cramped place when they have an expensive bed at hand. I have no idea why cats do this. Maybe it’s a physiological thing that humans can’t understand. But what we can see is that cats not only sit in these weird positions, they can also sometimes fall asleep while hanging in the air.

I can’t see how that would be comfortable but cats can’t talk so maybe we’ll never know. What we do know is that they look adorable and hilarious while napping in the most uncomfortable positions ever. From linked against the radiator to sleeping in the sink, they can do it all. After all, cats are liquid.

So scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

#1 This kitty is growing in quite nicely.

#2 This is a much better sleeping position than what we will see below.

#3 Babies just smell so good.

#4 I bet the kitten underneath them all is not happy.

#5 The perfectly sized pocket for a to-go kitty.

#6 When you’re peeping at the neighbors but fall asleep halfway.

A vet doctor explains it perfectly.

Cats can be comfortable sleeping just about anywhere. Don’t worry about your cat’s strange sleeping positions. If she’s sleeping through it, then she’s obviously not that uncomfortable.

Although you might want your cat to curl up in bed with you, she might find it more comfortable to wrap herself around the radiator. As long as she’s safe and isn’t keeping you up all night, let her choose her favorite sleeping spot.

#7 ‘No more work for you hooman.’

#8 When you set out your cat to dry off.

#9 The only use for ugg boots.

#10 I can only hope that the little kitten doesn’t get burned.

#11 If the tap ever turns on, there will be a lot of blood.

#12 When you just want it all.

#13 I think this is why the copier machine wasn’t working.

#14 The doggo is her bed and the mouse her head pillow.

#15 She really liked the smell of the meat.

I can sort of understand why a cat would want to sleep on a grill. Even when a grill hasn’t been used for a long time. It still has the smell of meat and all its juices. Perhaps the kitty was hungry and the fragrance reeled her in?

#16 How is she sleeping?

#17 The head has the perfect curve for a cat to sleep.

#18 ‘Why do you keep working? Play with me hooman!’

#19 ‘You don’t have to study, this book is my headrest now.’

#20 This isn’t what they meant by ‘sleeping on the bed’.

#21 Why sleep on a perfectly comfortable sofa?

#22 She’s just hanging there.

#23 I think the kitty needs a little bit of help.

#24 When you sleep midway your preparation for the upcoming test.

Does your cat do something similar? If so what is the weirdest position your cat has ever slept in? Comment down below and let us know.

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