Cats Being The Cutest And Funniest Creatures

When it comes to accepting mistakes, let’s just accept the fact that cats are never at fault. Cats are the kings and queens of “I did that intentionally.” Getting stuck between sofas, jumping off the ottoman, throwing up on your carpets comes naturally to them and they will never be apologetic for it! They would not even care if all of this is making you feel irritated or annoyed. As a matter of fact, just after doing something mischievous, they will pretend as if they are one of the worlds most innocent creatures. But we are not falling for this trap anymore! Humans are also evolving with time and they are getting to know cats more than ever. It’s just in good faith that we’d ignore every little silly and sly thing they’d do.

Cats are also goddess of sass. If someone asks me what’s the most hilarious cat expression I, without thinking, would say sass! They will make their own rules, and no one can and should defy those rules. And God forbid! If you try to cross them, you’d get to see those airplane ears and that ‘better get out of my face, hooman’ look. Or, they might just walk away with that ‘you’re too dumb for me’ look and never pay you an ounce of attention from that point onward.

There are some characteristics that are specific only to cats. Certain things can only be expected from your felines and no other pets! We have collected some tweets for you which are true example of the metaphor “cats just being cats”. And by being cats, we mean that they are being hysterical and really funny! You’ll get what we mean. Just scroll down and see!

1. Angry or excited? Can’t tell!

Via Twitter.com

Get in and take your seat cat, or you’ll have to walk home.

2. A lot of things can be challenging when you’re around cats.

Via Twitter.com

Stop complaining hooman, you know you love your cat!

3. It takes only 3 seconds for a cat to turn into an evil cat..

Via Twitter.com

Get me my desired food or I will teach you a lesson!

4. How adorable is this hide n seek junkie?

Via Twitter.com

Who entered my domain?

5. Ready to be arrested..

Via Twitter.com

Just arrest this cat for being so adorable already!

6. What being cute looks like..

Via Twitter.com

Fits into everything, I knew cats were liquid.

Cats have absolutely no idea how funny they can be! They can do the craziest of things, and be like ‘what happened?’ They probably wonder why are we humans laughing at them all the time. Can’t get over how hilarious they are! Are you enjoying these tweets? Well, you should be feeling lucky as we are not done yet! Scroll down and see more!

7. Do you wanna share or what?

Via Twitter.com

Eat it up lil bub!

8. Someone teach this cat some table manners..

Via Twitter.com

Photojournalist took the shot of a lifetime…

9. Was I not enough for you human?

Via Twitter.com

Not impressed at all…

10. Just trying to exist..

Via Twitter.com

Seems like grandpa isn’t really active..

11. ‘I believe you’ve been mistaken’

Is this what you call a punishment, hooman?

12. This proves cats are related to lions…

The need to prey comes out sometimes…

I am glad cats don’t realize their own comedic abilities, because then they would start being all sophisticated. But, it’s good that they keep us entertained in so many different ways. If they knew how much they mean to us, they would be even more about themselves. I obviously mean that in a loving way! We love cats, don’t we? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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