Cat Tweets That Are Too Pure For Our Soul

Cats will make your day a lot better

Most people have a perception about cats that they are lazy and do nothing. All they do is eat and sleep. But is that the truth? Or do they really have purpose? Well, I think I think they do. The truth is actually very different from what we have been thinking for years. Why do you think so many people have cats nowadays? Why is it one of the most famous pets? Here’s a secret about cats that I will tell you, cats are empowered to remove all the negative energy from your life. Do you wanna know how do they do it? They absorb it away while you are sleeping – they take away the sadness with purring and sometimes, even when they scratch you.

Isn’t that the most important thing one could do for you? Also it can be really difficult for one cat to take away all the negative energy, so it is better to have more than one cat so that the burden can be divided. They like sleeping on your bed because this way they can guard you and protect you from any evil spirits that can cause you any harm while you sleep. If someone is visiting you and your cat senses danger, they will surround you and might not leave your side until the person leaves.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that cats will make your life happier, more joyful and entertaining. This is the truth, plain and simple. Cat owners have been proving this from a long time, and they still continue on doing so. Sharing with us, little cute incidents about their cats that will make our day a lot better! Mentioned down below are some of those incidents, that will cheer up your mood! Scroll down and see!

1. Cross of a cat and a snake…

Via Twitter.com

How long is this cat? Woah!

2. We no longer groom cats…

Via Twitter.com

Now I am extremely curious to know why

3. Cats be like ‘we’ll sit where we wanna sit’

Via Twitter.com

All the house belongs to us, hooman. You can leave if you don’t like it

4. That wink though…

Give him the award of cutest stud ever!

5. Super cat!

Yes please! Need this confidence in my life

6. Way to my heart is paved with the prints of these paws!

Via Twitter.com

Can I eat ’em?

7. Cat just wanna rant sometimes

Via Twitter.com

Neither she wants to come out nor stop screaming!

8. Cat rocking that summer bod’!

Via Twitter.com

Ohh dayummm! Never seen someone this hot.

9. Cats plan: Get stuck intentionally and cry about it..

Via Twitter.com

You just want attention Mr. Sweetface!

10. All hail the new queen of selfies

Via Twitter.com

Welcome to the world of selfies, beautiful.

11. Cat on duty!

Via Twitter.com

Such a dedicated cat!

12. Well, lets call it a coincidence

Via Twitter.com

Joke’s on you

13. Catnip and the after effects..

Via Twitter.com

Cat is not happy about it

14. Presenting y’all a bee-cat!

Via Twitter.com

The uncanny resemblance…

15. The truth has been revealed!

Via Twitter.com

Only the cat knows what it saw!

We wouldn’t say that we are cat-obsessed but, umm, well, who are we kidding? We definitely are cat obsessed! And we are not afraid to show it! When our day is going really bad and rubbish, looking at funny cat memes and pictures will make us cheer up! What do you think? What are your thoughts and opinions about cats, do they make you feel content? Let us know in the comments section below!

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