18 Cat Stories That Will Convince You To Get A Cat

  • By Sara
  • October 8, 2020
  • 9 minutes read

Cats are awesome.

We understand that not everyone is a cat person. But you don’t have to be a “cat person” to enjoy the presence of these adorable fur babies. Usually, the people who dislike cats have never actually had one. My father claimed to “hate” cats before I adopted two of them. Now every time I come home from work, he’s sitting next to my cats and petting them. He even comes to my room to specifically play with my cats. These furry feline babies have the ability to change people’s hearts.

Usually people have the argument of “I’m a dog person” when we ask them why they don’t like cats. Hey, I’m a dog person too but I like cats as well. Just give these guys a chance, you won’t regret it. If you still need some convincing, scroll down below for 18 cat stories that will convince you to get a cat:

1. War at home.

My cat Chandler used love foam balls to play with. I began working with an overseas company. My 9 to 5 work schedule had changed. I was now awake working until about 3-4 AM. This, of course, meant I often slept until about noon. Chandler took note of this. He no longer could bask in the morning sun with a full tummy because daddy was now waking up to feed him 4 hours later. His strategic and savvy mind games began. LITTLE DID I KNOW THE WAR WAS ON. At about 8 AM, I was brutally awakened by a cold, sopping wet foam ball that had been dropped on my chest! I threw it, and him off the bed and went back to sleep. He had clearly gotten a reaction and took notice. Each morning for about 2 weeks, this slow methodical assault continued… Every morning at 8 AM, which was his preferred breakfast time. I decided to move his arsenal (cookie jar of foam balls) from the kitchen to a back bedroom, away from his water dish. The cold water foam ball bombings stopped for a few days. I thought I had won the battle and was able to sleep peacefully for a few days. A few mornings later, I was again shocked into consciousness at 8 AM! This time by a particularly cold ball bomb on my chest. I begrudgingly got up, gave him his wet food breakfast, and went back to bed. This was a mistake because I had now confirmed to him that his latest strategy was successful. The daily assaults continued like clockwork. One day as I was cleaning the back bedroom, I noticed that his cookie jar of foam balls was completely empty. Then I walked into the back guest bathroom which was rarely used. To my shock, I discovered the toilet bowl was completely filled with foam ball bombs!!! And I realized that these particularly cold ball bombs that were responsible for waking me up in the mornings, were being taken out of the toilet!

2. These guys are so random.

I went to take a shower yesterday. I hadn’t even washed my face yet when I heard that someone was trying to open the door. I opened the door and saw my cat. Doors never bothered him before.

Me: “What?”

Cat: “Meow.”

Okay, I closed the door and continued. He kept banging on the door. I opened it.

Me: “What?!”

Cat: “Meow.”

I shrugged and closed the door. Then I opened it again a moment later.

Me: “Okay, what is it?”

The cat takes me to the kitchen where I left the stove on. It was an electric stove, so I turned it on on purpose, for it to heat up.


Me: “I did it on purpose.”

The cat just looked at me like, “Okay, burn if you want.”

3. Secret love.

I have a male and a female cat. Usually, they don’t get along very well. The male chases the female and she doesn’t know how to fight back, so she just hides. When they are not fighting, the female cat looks at the male and hisses. But when we are washing the male (which he hates, he screams the whole time), she gets worried walks around the bathroom, and when he is finally free, she starts licking him. Once, he comes back to his senses, they start fighting again.

4. They’re evolving.

I had a cat that loved peanut butter, and I used to see her get in our cupboard and scrape her teeth on the lid of the peanut butter jar counterclockwise to try and twist the lid off.

5. Helping out other babies.

A vet clinic worker told me this story. In the beginning, a cat named Jack brought home only his kittens. They were always black, exactly like him and he didn’t have any different ones. When he brought them home, the owners would put them in a box, take them to the clinic, and treat them there. The clinic would then give them away to different people. And then, the owner got tired it all. So Jack was taken to the clinic for sterilization. In spring, everyone was happy, mostly because new kittens were not supposed to appear. But at the end of May, the poor woman stormed into the clinic and put a box of kittens on the table:

“This cat is bringing different kittens now! They are different colors this time!”

They treated the kittens and gave them away to people. The woman kept a white one, had him sterilized, and named him John. No new kittens appeared that next spring and summer. And in September, the woman came to the clinic laughing.

“I looked through the window and these 2 cats are dragging something dirty and this thing is fighting! I run outside and I see that it’s a puppy! 2 times bigger than both of them combined!” And she hands over a puppy to the vet that is about 1.5 months old. Now, the puppy is grown up. And the cats are still shocked by what they brought home. They didn’t plan this!

6. Cats are lifesavers.

I was a dog person for forty years until a white cat showed up at our doorstep during a violent rainstorm. When I opened the door he dove in and wrapped himself around my legs. I scooped him up and put him in the basement laundry room. I decided that as soon as my 12-year-old son came home from school, we would drive the cat to a shelter. 20 minutes went by and I went down to put the clothes into the dryer. There sat the cat with 3 dead mice laid in a neat row in front of the washer. I patted his head and gave him a bite of canned chicken. I found the cat intently raking his paws back and forth under the front of the dryer. I thought he was looking for another mouse but he withdrew his paw wrapped around—a twenty-dollar bill! I decided to keep him. And once, he saved me. I had chicken cooking on the stove and I fell asleep. I woke from a sound sleep with the cat on my chest, pummeling me with his paws and making a strange growling sound I’d never heard before. There was a haze in the air and a horrible smell. Now awake, I went in the kitchen and turned off the stove, opening the windows just as the smoke alarm decided to finally go off.

7. He saw the opportunity and he took it.

A guy I knew had a cat that would bite on electric cables. Once, the guy comes home and sees that the fridge doesn’t work. He sees that the cable is bitten off and he thinks that the cat is dead. But then he notices a happy and alive cat. How? It turned out that the electricity in the house was turned off for about 10 minutes, the cat sensed it somehow, bit through the wire, and left.

8. Who’s cutting onions in here?

We had a cat that we took from the street. He was sick, he moved very slowly as if he had arthritis, and my mom was taking care of him. I asked her why she spent so much time with him and my mom said, “Once, I heard a noise in the backyard and when I went outside, I saw several stray cats. They all ran away (some over the fence and some climbed the trees) and this one made it to the tree slowly, looked at it, and realized he couldn’t climb it to save his life.” So, he lived with us, and never caused any trouble.

9. Oh, the irony.

These stories are pretty relatable if you ask me. They can convince even the most hardcore dog persons to get a cat. Adopting a cat will change your life for the better. It will make everything a million times more fun. I can say that with confidence because I know my life improved drastically after I welcomed a cat in my home. You should give it a try too. Scroll down below for the rest of the stories:

10. Mildly concerned enemy.

We had a cat in our cottage. He was mute ever since he was born and he never made a sound. Once, a neighbor cat came into our yard. He was big and scary. So, they started preparing for a fight. Our cat opened his mouth and meowed without making a sound. The other cat was shocked, came to my cat, and put his ear to my cat’s chest, as if to say: “Where is the sound?” So, this was how my cat’s special feature saved him from a visit to the vet.

11. Cats can sense the problems in your breathing patterns.

My cat Denise was my guardian angel. The most impressive thing she did on a regular basis was that she could tell if I was starting to have an asthma attack. She would wake me up at night by licking my face. If I wouldn’t get up, she would then bite my hair and pull it. She knew I needed to use my asthma inhaler. The truly remarkable thing is that she knew if I actually used the inhaler or just got up for a drink of water or something else. She would not let me go back to sleep unless I had used the inhaler. There was not a single time in the 17 years she owned me that my asthma attack progressed past the point that anything other than the inhaler was needed.

12. Older cat saves the day!

My kitten is not afraid of the vacuum cleaner. The older cat was scared of it and would hide every time he saw it. And then he saw that the kitten wasn’t scared… He started yelling at her, “Run, save your life!” And the little one couldn’t even understand what all the fuss was about. And then, my old cat, shaking in fear, jumps out of his hideout, pushes the little one out of the way, and attacks the vacuum. My hero!

13. The right way to deal with family problems.

My cat came home dirty. And I said something like, “Oh, you came home dirty again. I’m fed up with cleaning up after you.” And my husband says to me, seriously, “Hey, don’t criticize the cat. Can you just express the need that is at the base of your problem?”

“Okay, I need my place to be clean. Cat, can you please clean the floor when you come home dirty?”

My husband continues the session, “Can you consider the possibility of this happening and the cat’s skills?”

Me, “Okay, cat, when I got you, I should have realized that, in bad weather, you would often come home with dirty paws. I didn’t take that into account and now I’m angry. I thought you would always be soft and clean.” Then I took a mop and cleaned the floor.

14. Adopted together.

A baby was abandoned and he had yet to be adopted from the maternity home. He was crying so loud that no one there could hear anything. And at one point, he stopped. A nurse got scared and ran inside to check and see if he was alright and saw that a huge grey cat was near the baby. She tried to scare the cat away, but the child held onto the cat with his little hands and started crying when she tried to take the cat. So, they stayed together. The cat would leave for a little while to eat and the baby would wait for him to come back. And then, there were people that wanted to adopt the child, but he just wouldn’t leave without his animal. This story became popular outside the hospital. New couples started to come. And one couple agreed to adopt both of them. But the cat didn’t want to go with them. The baby wasn’t adopted until the cat approved of the new parents and agreed to go. So, they were adopted together. The man was carrying the cat, and the woman was holding the baby.

15. Making sure they are in safe hands.

I was 5 years old when a pregnant cat used to come to see us. My mother tried to feed her, but the cat wouldn’t take the food. And once, she got into our house and started playing with me. For several weeks, she’d play with me and leave. Then she disappeared for a while and returned with a black kitten. For several weeks, she came to us every day and taught the kitten to be a cat. And then she stopped coming when she realized we could feed him. Later, we found out that she gave out 4 more kittens to other families with children in our apartment building.

16. Way to prove them wrong, catto.

17. They know how to gain sympathy.

When I was a child, I had a cat. Once, she fell off of the balcony of the 5th floor because she jumped at a flying pigeon. She fell on the ground then she came back upstairs and returned to the apartment on her own. But when my parents came and started feeling sorry for her, she became an actress. She started walking with a limp, even though 30 minutes prior to that, she was running around the apartment. The vet found no injuries.

18. Catching flies.

One day, my cat Keeley was running around the room trying to catch a fly. But every time Keeley lunged up toward it, it flew up to the top of the window, out of reach. After about 15 minutes of trying, Keeley decided he needed help. He walked over to me and sat at my feet. I tried to break the news to him gently. “I’m sorry baby, I can’t help you. I can’t make the fly come down.” Keeley cocked his head thoughtfully, then turned, and walked over to my husband, who was sitting at his computer in the other room. My husband bent down and placed his 2 hands facing up, flat on the floor. Keeley stepped into my husband’s palms, and sat down, as erect as possible so he would fit into my husband’s hands. At that moment, man and cat became one. My husband stood up with Keeley sitting up in his hands and lifted him slowly toward the fly buzzing around at the top of the window. As they crept up stealthily toward the fly, Keeley didn’t move a muscle. When Keeley’s face was about a foot away, all of a sudden, “Whomp!” In a flash, Keeley had reached over with his head and snatched up the fly with his mouth. And then still moving as one, my husband brought Keeley down and let him onto the floor as Keeley munched on his live treat.

What did you think of these stories? Were they able to change your mind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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