Cat Looks Like A Slinky After Getting Haircut And The Pictures Are Hilarious

  • By Sara
  • December 25, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Cats need their grooming too.

Keeping a pet is fun and all, but it comes with a lot of responsibility. You have to take care of your pets just like you would take care of your own child. You can not neglect your pet and just play with it 24/7. Your pet is not a toy. Cats are very high maintenance pets. You have to groom them quite often. Since they have long fur that can get dirty, you will have to give them baths and go to a groomer to give them a decent haircut. Just like humans, cats want to stay fashionable too so they have different hairstyles to keep them trendy.

However, have you ever been at the salon and asked for a haircut but then it turned out terrible? You just nod when the hairdresser asks if you like it, and then cry when you get home. Cats go through that too. Oliver, for example, was the victim of a silly haircut recently and has gone viral for it.

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His owner, Caitlin, tweeted her family group’s screenshot and said “I’m so done with today.”

It included a screenshot of her mother saying she is going to kill her father for what he did to Oliver. Let’s just say… we understand.

“I’m gonna effin kill your father!!! He dropped Oliver off for his groom and this is how he came back. Like seriously gonna puke! I’m so maddddd. Waited 2 months for this [appointment] WTF!!! I can’t even look at Oliver… He looks absolutely ridiculous,” the text said.

So this is the haircut Caitlin’s father gave Oliver.

Image credits: Caitlin Christine

It was Caitlin’s dad’s responsibility to take Oliver to the groomer and get him a proper cut.

“My father told them [grooms] to cut him like a tiger to play a joke on my mom,” Caitlin told Bored Panda.

He wanted to give Oliver tiger stripes. “My family loved it, we were all cracking up! My mom, however, was not too happy”

This is what Oliver looked like before the haircut. Poor guy looks like a slinky now.

Caitlin shared that her mother is coming around to accepting the haircut but we can understand why she was upset at first. However, this is too hilarious to take seriously. Poor Oliver, I hope he likes his crazy cut too.

People on Twitter compared Oliver to different things.

Image credits: heyveah

This is weird but very funny.

Image credits: Carlynapp

Image credits: livtower

Is this the cat version of a Mohawk?

These Tom and Jerry comparisons are incredible.

Image credits: peeman420

The cat is a fashion icon now.

Image credits: gabygiban

Close enough.

Image credits: llinndyy1

What do you think of Oliver’s haircut? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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