Cat Has Been Running This Store For 13 Years Without Taking Any Leave

Cat Has Been Running This Store For 13 Years Without Taking Any Leave

For some of us, getting a job is a real hard task. There are so many elements to consider, so many career paths to choose from, etc. On top of that, it has to be a good paying job. However, some of us get lucky enough to find a stable job to work at, which makes our lives easier. Like so, some businesses find the perfect employee that not only does their job perfectly, but also makes the environment super fun!

From the title of this article, you must’ve already figured out what we’re talking about. Meet Bobo, the world’s best employee! This talented cat was found when he was only just a little kitty. Unfortunately, the people who found him did not have enough space to keep him indoors. Hence, they decided to keep him in small family owned store in New York’s Chinatown. This was probably one the best decisions for Bobo because he is now the king of this store. This majestic cat, who has been an employee of this store for 13 years now, also has an instagram with over 15,000 followers! Talk about being famous.

Check out what life is like with Bobo, the best-est employee!

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1. The most majestic cat ever!

2. Here we can see Bobo forgetting how to cat in front of another cat.

Looks like someone got nervous.

3. Is this a new type of plant?

Because we want it, too!

“At the store, he likes to sit near the entrance and greet customers. He has his own scratcher lounge towards the front of the store and likes to sit there. He also likes to look out the window, a curious cat!” shared Bobos biggest fan, Annie Liao. She is also one of the employees of this store and the one who set up Bobos instagram account. Bless her heart! We couldn’t be more thankful for that!

4. Bobo is super satisfied.

Just casually sitting on a piece of paper, or is it a cardboard? Hmm.. Too occupied to look at anything but this wonderful creature.

5. 11.43 LB of awesome.

6. Making sure nobody steals.

We can’t believe this cat has been an employee for 13 years! Talk about being responsible and stable. Bobo should get best employee of the decade award. And how amazing would it be to walk into the store and get greeted by this cute little being. We would probably just go to this store for Bobo. And! We are sure you would, too. Let us know what you think of this amazing employee in the comments section below!

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