Artist Turns Hilarious Cat Photos And Memes Into Adorable Watercolor Illustrations

  • By Hashir
  • June 2, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

We all enjoy seeing funny cat pictures in awkward situations. So does Amelia Rizky. She is an artist who turns funny cat pictures into adorable digital watercolor art. She has a series of her artwork showcased on her social media accounts and we are loving it. With a fan-following of 202k on Instagram, Rizky has won the hearts of many cat lovers with her captivating illustrations. Not only do these digital drawings make our hearts melt, but also give us a good laugh.

If you’re having a bad day, here are some of Amelia’s charming illustrations that will make your day blissful.

You can find Amelia on Twitter by her username Watercatlor. (her fondness for cats show in her username)

Angry Young Catto *Hisses*

Looks like this Cat went Fishing Today.

“Nope, You can’t see me Hooman.”

Moo Moo Meow.

“Looks Delicious, Let me try it….. OUCH!!” *Instant Regrets*

“Look, Mommy! That’s a new filter.”


“My Mommy says I’m a cute little astronaut.”

Don’t know why this cat is screaming, but I can relate.

“I brought the snacks.”

“Let’s blow some bubbles.”


“Don’t worry, kids. You’re safe under my fur.”

Chonky Catto waiting for the pizza he ordered 5 minutes ago.

No matter how many times our cats cause us trouble, they always find a way to compensate for them by making us laugh. They are natural comedians. Imagine you’re casually sitting in your lounge watching TV when suddenly your cat starts running in circles chasing its tail. It’s honestly hilarious how their brain works.

“I am thy king, thee wilt obeyeth me”

“Must take beauty sleep.”

Cat high on herbs.

“Aye, check out my new hat. Fancy, right?”

“It’s just for the picture.”

“I am a good looking kiwi.”

“Can you levitate like that?!”

He disassembled himself before bed.

Proof cats are liquid.

“I am a sad puff puff.”

Spade-face is the new facepalm.

It’s an omelette. It’s a fried egg. No, IT’S A CAT!!

The vegan cat.

Did you like these cat photos? Which one was your favourite? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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