22 Cat Memes That Are Bound To Make Your Caturday

22 Cat Memes That Are Bound To Make Your Caturday

  • By Malaika
  • 4 weeks ago
  • 4 minutes read

Cat memes are the perfect dessert.

If you have seen everything there is with memes and cats. Why not join those both together and enjoy the perfect combination? And you don’t even have to go far looking for it. Because we have it right here for you. We have compiled the best cat memes that you may not have seen before and these are bound to brighten your day just a little bit. And we are all well aware of how much we need that right now with the pandemic ravaging everything.

Some people just can’t get cats no matter how much they want. There are several reasons for that, from living alone and not having anyone else to take care of your cat when you are not home to not being able to afford all the necessities that cats need. So this means that not everyone is able to enjoy the company of a pet. Well, this is where the Internet comes in to give you the adorableness of a kitty without all the hassle of taking care of one.

Source: Instagram

#1 This kitty is having the best day of her life and nobody should interrupt her.

#2 While this one is ready to dish out some great life advice.

#3 That is one way to make sure people properly social distance from each other.

#4 The insurmountable pain is worth it in the end… I think.

#5 Seems like a great life plan to me.

#6 If my pc technicians were cats, I’d call them every day.

#7 He just didn’t want his double-chin to show up in the pictures.

#8 How can anyone be depressed surrounded by so many kittens?

#9 Or they don’t have any extra blankets.

#10 I think many of us are feeling this way these days.

#11 It could have fallen down if a ghost pushed it, right?

#12 ‘My hooman clearly doesn’t love me anymore.’

#13 Are we sure this is the culprit? Because I have some doubts.

#14 Diansour shaped chicken nuggets just taste better somehow.

#15 It doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t change how we have to serve our masters.

#16 Has Christmas come early this year?

#17 Which one is the shark?

#18 And then you realize you are behind each and every one of your peers.

#19 You only need to look good when you are going out or have a zoom meeting.

#20 He looks so surprised himself.

#21 Why do you want one tiny roll when you have the perfect cat roll?

#22 She is clearly disappointed in you and fell asleep like that.

Did these make your day just as they put a smile on our faces? Why not share something your cat does that you find incredibly weird? Comment down below.

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