40 Heartwarming Animal Rescue Photos That Prove Importance Of Adoption (New Pics)

  • By Sara
  • July 8, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

All animals deserve to be loved.

This is why I will always support adoption. Every animal deserves a second chance at life. Adopting a pet can really alter your life. Even though it is a huge responsibility, it is definitely worth it. You will have a loving best friend to stick with you through thick and thin. They will be your listener and your companion through difficult times. And don’t worry, once you adopt your fur baby, you won’t have a lot of sad days anymore. They tend to suck the sadness out of your life.

Almost 2.7 million animals remain unadopted in shelters every year. We can start dropping this number by choosing to adopt instead of shop. It doesn’t matter how old they are, how many legs they have, or if they’re blind. They will love you more than anything in this world. Below are 40 heartwarming cat rescue photos that prove the importance of adoption:

(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 We Adopted Kane About A Month Ago. We Don’t Know Much About His Background Or His Age, But He Is Around 10-12. He Is Nearly Deaf And Blind. He Is Very Sweet And Just Likes To Sleep All Day And Likes Going Outside. He Is A Good Boy


Senior doggos deserve to be loved.

#2 Adopted Pit Can’t Stop Hugging His New Owner


Pitbulls are NOT aggressive.

#3 After Two Weeks Of Dwelling Under The Bed Or Random Furniture As A Rescue, He Finally Considered Its Safe To Sit In My Lap And Gave Me This Look


Breaking out of his comfort zone.

“All dogs are individuals with their own personalities and dispositions,” Kelly DiCicco, Manager, Adoptions Promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center told Bored Panda. “When bringing your dog anywhere there will be different sights and sounds, as well as crowds, it’s important to consider their comfort level with new experiences in the past.”

#4 2 Months After Adopting An Older Cat I Still Can’t Figure Out Why Anyone Wouldn’t Want This Big Bag Of Love


If you love them, they’ll love you even more.

#5 Found This Kitten In The Woods, Thought My Older Cats Would Adopt It But It Looks Like My Big Boy Has Accepted Daddy Duty


When you surprisingly resemble your stepdad.

#6 When I Adopted Her From The Rescue I Was Worried I Couldn’t Make Her Happy. I Think She Is Happy


She looks genuinely happy.

“Large gatherings or events can be confusing or upsetting to pets who may also become frightened or disoriented by loud noises,” DiCicco warned. “You may want to leave your pet at home where you can ensure they feel safe and relaxed. If your dog will be outside with you, be sure to keep them leashed, give them plenty of fresh water and don’t let them linger on hot asphalt for too long. Being so close to the ground, your dog’s body can heat up quickly, and sensitive paw pads can burn.”

#7 Daisy, The Kitten Nobody Adopted Because Of Her Ear


Who wouldn’t want this adorable little furball?

#8 I Only Adopted Him An Hour Ago


He is making himself feel at home.

#9 I Couldn’t Separate The Brothers, So I Adopted Both! And I Swear They Pose For The Camera


Adopting a pair is always better.

#10 Meet Poundcake. He’s Blind And Deaf But Follows Me Everywhere. He Knows When I’m Away From Him And Can Sense When I’m Feeling Down. I Adopted Him From The Pound 4 Years Ago. He Saved Me More Than I Saved Him


Your pet will be a lifesaver.

#11 Rescued This Corgi Puppy From The Shelter A Few Weeks Ago. My First Fathers Day As A Father!


Proud corgi dad.

#12 Our First Adult Kitty Adoption… She Gives Warm Hugs


Warm hugs from your cat are the best,

#13 A Friends Kitten He Rescued Recently


She might have one eye but she can love twice as much.

#14 Adopted Her 3 Hours Ago And She’s Already So Comfortable And Happy To Have A Home, I Laid Down Next To Her And She Just Climbed Onto Me Anybody Who Hates On Pitbulls Has Never Owned One Of These Big Babies


The only thing you need to fear is the happy pitbull’s tail hitting your shin.

#15 One Year Ago We Wanted To Adopt 1 Cat. We Ended Up Adopting 3 Siblings


They’re all unique!

#16 My Girlfriend And I Just Adopted A Three-Legged Dog. Meet Hank!


Hank and his owner are both lucky to have each other.

#17 My Baby Was Lonely And We Adopted A Sister For Him


A happy family!

#18 Say Hello To Our Tiny Little Coco


It’s so smol!

#19 After 6 Years Of Living In Apartments That Don’t Accept Animals, My Wife And I Finally Moved And Were Able To Get A Dog. Reddit, Meet Gus


Moving out of that apartment must have been the best decision of their lives.

#20 Adopted A Kitten, It Seems He’s Fitting In Just Fine. Or Maybe A Little Too Well


She doesn’t even need a space of her own.

Yes, it is true that some adopted pets take a little time to settle in. That is completely normal. Even we take time to adjust to new surroundings. We should be patient with our adopted animals and the wait would definitely be worth it.

#21 Rescued This Little Guy A Week Or So Ago And He Keeps Peaking Over The Couch At Me Like This


What a cute little guy!

#22 Just Adopted A New Cat. She Must Be From Australia


Agent 007.

#23 It Was Supposed To Only Be A Foster Through The Lockdown, But I Can’t Let Him Go Now. Going Through The Adoption Process As We Speak! Meet Mauwi!


I always grow attached to my foster animals too.

#24 Adopted These Babies Yesterday. They Were Scared All Of Yesterday But I Woke Up And Found Them Sitting Like This Beside Me


Imagine waking up to this.

#25 I Got Adopted By This Beautiful Pup This Weekend. Say Hi To Daisy


I love how she said she’s the one that got adopted.

#26 Today My Wife And I Adopted A Senior Puppy! Everybody, Meet Waffles!


Waffles is such a fun name for a dog.

#27 Bob, Rescued Off The Street, Coming At U Weighing In 3 Whole Entire Lbs


Look at those puppy dog eyes!

#28 Our Adopted Boi Is Half Husky. Got A Custom Doormat Made Just For Him!


I need a doormat like this.

#29 I Adopted Maui Yesterday. He Spent All Day Hiding From Me. This Morning, I Was Able To Get Him On A Leash And Go Walking. When We Came Back He Had This Big Smile On His Face


He even has a toy.

#30 Drove 2260 Miles To Adopt This Little Sweetie, And It’s The Best Thing I Have Ever Done. Reddit, Meet 10 Year Old Billie


Worth travelling for.

#31 This Is My Rescue, And First Dog At 35. Reddit, Meet Freya


Freya is a beauty!

#32 Adopted This Lady Two Months Ago. Today Was The First Time She Wanted To Play!


She needs a good belly rub!

#33 Me And The Girlfriend Came To An Agreement On Adopting A Cat. Somehow Ended Up With These Two. Say Hello To Kit And Kat


The more, the merrier.

#34 My Cousin Adopted Baby Kitties Today… Very Jealous


The best of friends.

#35 My Aunt Adopted A Smiling Puppy


I bet you smiled back.

#36 I Swore I’d Never Rescue Again After Losing My Grey. I See So Much Of Him In Her Personality. Her Name Is Gracie In Honor


You must be glad to change your mind.

#37 Adopted Either A Kitten Or A Gremlin With Ringworm So She Has To Have Lots Of Baths


Don’t feed her after midnight!!!

#38 Lucky, The 6-Year-Old Vampire Cat. A Rescue We Are Adopting On Saturday


Look at those teefies!

#39 I Adopted Him A Month Ago, And He’s Been Like This Since Day 1. How Did I Get So Lucky?


Give love, get love.

#40 Hello! Here’s A Picture Of Onyx, My 1.5 Year Old Holland Lop I Rescued


Do you have any rescue/adoption stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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