Puppy Gets Rescued & Finds New Home After Being Abandoned For Weeks

Puppy Gets Rescued & Finds New Home After Being Abandoned For Weeks

  • By Murtaza
  • May 8, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

The poor thing had to go through a lot.

Your pets should be like your own children and abandoning them is very selfish and heartless. Whether It would be cats, dogs, birds, or any other animal who you’ve taken in, they don’t deserve being moved to the streets. It can be very harsh for them and can lead them to stray away in confusion. That itself is trauma, that, yes! Animals can experience trauma too and it can stay with them for the rest of their lives. There’s a very big difference in how animals at home are brought up verses the upbringing of an animal in the streets, but no animal deserves to go through that. Over time, your pets start to develop family-like feelings for you. Their loyalty and friendship only form a stronger bond with you, hence it should always be vice-versa. Of course, you wouldn’t abandon your children like that, or would you?

This puppy was abandoned on the streets by herprevious owners inside a box, which read ”please help”, the poor thing was on the streets for god-knows how many days, starving and hoping that someone might come and rescue her. What a terrible thing for an animal to go through!


This woman named Lika, who has been saving and adopting puppies previously, came across this little pup’s box one day in the street. Upon opening the box, she came in contact with the little puppy and immediately took him home where she bathed him and gave him food.


From what she has said, the little puppy was sick and hadn’t been out of the box ever since being abandoned. She later made him a bed where he could sleep in peace, and she continued this virtuous treatment and care for the puppy until he was healthy and better.


Now, this little guy has been taken in by a loving home and people who would actually treat him like their own child, which I cant emphasize enough, it’s mandatory for every animal you take in.


If you want to know more about Lika, she runs a Youtube channel by the name of Lika Loves Animals.

This is where she rescues animals:

What are your thoughts on this story? Would you ever treat an abandoned animal like this if you ever came across it on the street like this?


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