Adorable Photos That Are A Proof Of Just How Pure Cats Actually Are

Adorable Photos That Are A Proof Of Just How Pure Cats Actually Are

Our love is for all the precious animals on this planet but cats have some extra space reserved in our hearts. They generate more love from us and if you are a cat-lover, you will know we are not being biased; cats possess a major chunk of our hearts for very well deserved reasons. They are smart, empathetic, cute, humorous, loyal, and beautiful. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that they help reduce stress, lower the blood pressure and help in the improvement of our immune system. In short, they are PURR-FECT! Plus, they love to cuddle and we all need some of those from time to time (more like twice every minute)!

We are honoring the love of our lives with these 16 wonderful photos of cats. Defending ourselves that we are not just biased but rather cats are simply awesome! After these photos, you can decide for yourself. If you think our case is weak and you will not be moved by their purity I challenge you to scroll down!

1. Kitty lets her new colorful friend hangout on her lil adorable nose!

Lowkey wishing I was this butterfly, and could just chill on this cat’s nose from time to time!

2. This cat is being a good friend and grooming her doggo best friend!

This cat knows exactly what her friend needs.

3. This cat knows what hoomans want! She sacrifices her own treats to give hoomans some hugs!

Give this kitty a red cape! Superhero!

4. Cat providing support to its hooman friend, while they stay up late to work!

Will your best friend do that for you?

5. Cat-mom showing her baby to HER mom. Baby kitty is looking at her human-granny with so much love; we cannot deal with these many emotions!

Three generations sharing one frame

6. This bearded dragon has now been boop-tized

7. When your hooman gets a new pet and you make sure you’re there for a warm welcome.

8. Get yourself a friend who pretends to like the food you eat just to support you.

Find us something more pure than this, we are waiting.

We know you guys are already convinced. These wonderful beings are showing us how to unconditionally love someone! However, do not stop scrolling just yet, we have more in stock for you because we know these babies will win over your hearts. So keep on scrolling!

9. If this cat can sit so obediently in the class, so can you! We love eager learners!

10. Didn’t know tripods could be this fluffy and cute! Brb, getting one right now.

See, cats are not selfish! Who else does this?

11. This fluffy ball of happiness entertaining it’s hooman friend with some silly poses

Who needs a therapist when you’ve got cats.

12. Our heart just skipped so any beats! Look at this tiny fluff ball giving its hooman a peck on the nose.

13. These cats showing what sisterhood is like

Big kitty sister helping lil kitty sister in getting the toys

14. How we all want someone to hold us.

we are jealous kitties, we need them cuddles too!

15. Such a unique pair of friends! We love the diversity and acceptance between the two

This cat is basically showing how you can co-exist with others despite the outer differences! Because it’s all about the love and what’s inside!

16. Kitty comforting the hooman while he sleeps!

But… don’t try to pull your hand back. Those paws look dangerous.

I am sure you guys have lost your heart to these adorable, pure souls, because how could you not. We rest our case, knowing fully well that we have won this; rather kitties have won over your hearts. They are such precious creatures, too good for us or this world. We appreciate and acknowledge this blessing in this post. Share it with your friends to make them fall in love! Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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