How 100 Years Have Changed Your Favorite Dog Breeds

It goes without saying that dogs really are a man’s best friend. This statement stands true and has stood the test of time ever since the dawn of civilization. But it’s not just the friendship that’s important to humans, it is also the looks and traits in their best friend that have great weightage whilst selecting what breed a person wants to have.

We love all the breeds of our beloved animals- dogs. Be it the German shepherd, Rottweiler, English bulldog or Boxer etc. They all hold an equal place in our hearts- we do not discriminate in our love. Each breed has distinctive qualities, characteristics that are unique to them. Or it was the case before human intervened. Dog breeding or artificial selection has led to ‘choosing’ specific qualities and characteristics by the humans, what they deem are important.

This has led to many changes in each breed of dogs since the last 100 years. Each breed is not how it originally used to be. And we are gonna talk about that today! So scroll down to see how your favorite breed of dog has changed over time!

German Shepherd

The once most feared dog has over time become less intimidating due to shorter hind legs which creates a sloped stature, as opposed to the tall standing hound we had once known. Even with this flaw, the thick fur and wide chest still makes this one the most fierce looking dog.

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a.k.a the sausage dog has over time become more “down to earth” (geddit?). Shorter legs, longer faces and tummies almost touching the ground has changed this guy forever.

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Forever known as the “guard dogs” that reigned terror have now become less fierce with dropped shoulders and shorter snouts. What was once considered a style statement has now passed and hence you’d see these guys with long tails which are no longer cut.

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Bull Terrier

A block shaped stature is important for any dog. This breed has since lost that and with shorter hind legs, it has created a slope. Apart from this though, the flatter face and clipped pointy ears add back to the menace that this breed is known for.

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English Bulldog

These cuties have always been our favorites. As if they were not fluffy enough, they have become shorter but have retained their bulk and so are fluffier than ever with drooped skin. Although these changes have made it impossible for them to give birth naturally because of the way their hips are positioned, the vets have got it covered.

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Thankfully their ears are no longer cut short as it is no longer the fashion trend but the poor guys still get docked (their tails are cut shorter). Their faces have also become smaller in length.

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Doberman Pinscher

These small guys have gotten even more smaller and their backs have gotten sloppier, the only upside is that their snouts are still pointy. And since they aren’t the large doberman breed, their size has remained the same.

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Basset Hound

If you thought their ears were long before, here come long ears pro max. Shorter legs but cuter faces. We still love these guys.

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Airedale Terrier

These guys haven’t changed much but now have a fluffier and longer faced Airedale Terrier. A more straight stance make these guys seem a bit too royal in their own mind.

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West Highland White Terrier

These fabulous creatures haven’t changed one bit for over 100 years. But we’re pretty sure they’ve gotten a lot more cuter over the years. And… maybe even fluffier.

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Irish Setter

These beauties have stood the test of time but have not changed over time. Just their hair has gotten even more silkier and smoother, and just a tad bit tenser.

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Saluki (Persian Greyhound)

Thinning of the bone structure and a change in color has made these elegant creatures look a bit fragile over time. But this is compensated by the more feathery coat they now possess.

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In my opinion, all these “good boys” might have lost some of their distinctive features over the years but they’ve gained some new ones that have made them so much more cuter and elegant. I’d most definitely not want to be scared of anyone’s dog, rather run up to these wonderful creatures and pet them (yes, every single one of them). And I believe that time has done just that to these glorious beings.

Let us know in the comments section below which one was your favorite breed and which change you thought was the most shocking!

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