30 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

30 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Play In The Mud

Imagine waking up on a fine day and thinking it’s the right day to give your doggo a bath. You walk around the room and your dog runs in happily seeing you up. And what you see next shocks you to the core. There you see, your dog smiling at you with wagging his tail covered in mud from head to the last fur on their tail. We can only wonder what might go on in your head.

Now read the first word again. That’s right, you were only imagining *Phewww*. But it’s not secret that dogs do love mud. They love mud to the point where they could actually live in mud if we’d let them. In fact, we think dogs are just being natural in muddy situations. They love rolling, playing, and jumping around. And when it’s in a mud puddle…Priceless! Dogs can easily get carried away by a lot of things, but splashing water makes it to the top of the list.

Therefore, we have gathered all the best moments of these dogs enjoying their mud baths. These are probably enough to convince you why you shouldn’t let them play in mud…(or maybe you should). We’ll let you decide that for yourself.

Along with that, an interview with the Central California SPCA was conducted to see how we can take better care of our dogs…orrr if we plan on getting a new dog after this. So do look out for that while you’re enjoying these doggo getting dirty in the mud! 

1. C’mon!  Play time’s over

Don’t mind letting him play for a few more minutes.

2. When someone says ‘Party’s Over!’

And you were just getting started.

3. You vs the girl he tells you to not worry about.

Those legs…Those damn legs!!!

4. Happy Sundog!

This dog got its nails and paws did.

5. The dog just wants to be left alone…

Sure as hell, feels comfortable.

“There is not a ‘best way’ to support a shelter since everyone has different abilities, availability, talents, and resources. However, everyone can help a shelter.” said Walter Salvari of Central California SPCA.

He believes that any animal lover is capable of doing the least they can for their local shelters, only if they wish to see the world become a better place. People could either donate money, volunteer, or even adopt pets. If not that, they can spread their love for animals through internet for others to see and learn. Walter personally thinks that no act is ever too small. Reporting neglect or abuse, sharing stories and help each other out with what we know best!

6. Friends who bathe together, live together…

Oh, we meant mud baths.

7. “Today I Discovered Mud Puddles. Best. Day. Ever”

Too much joy to handle.

8. ‘Our Babies When They Play Too Much. Alice And Figo’

There isn’t anything called ‘Too much’ -These dogs said.

9. Wait..what is that?

A chocolate coated lab. Yes please!

10. This dog looks like he’d definitely sneak out for more.

That smile is worth every inch of mud.

If you’re already living in Central California, you’ve got it all figured out. You don’t need to go an extra mile to volunteer but be willing to do so.

Walter shared how people are willing to volunteer, despite their ages. “We have positions for all levels of physical ability and our current volunteers range in age from 8 to 75. People wishing to volunteer need to complete a volunteer application on our website and attend an orientation/training class before beginning. We also accept groups for one-day projects.”

It’s not a hefty job to do. “We have tasks ranging from dog walking and animal socialization to cleaning; customer service to office work; community education presenting to fundraising, and assisting with special events.” says Walter.

11. This dog just walked through tall weeds and came home with this…

We feel sorry for this dog and its owner.

12. What time is it?

Time to get a new bath tub.

13. When you try to cover the mess you’ve made…

But you remember you’re not good at hiding stuff.

14. But where’s the dog in the second picture?

You know he’s having fun when you can’t see him.

15. With that beautiful face…

We’d never ask him to leave.

Woahhhh. We guess these dogs are having a little too much fun. Didn’t know being covered in mud could look this cute. We’re thankful for these pictures. And the dogs of course. Keep scrolling to see the rest of the dogs in mud. You might love them even more!

16. This dog soon realized this wasn’t the best bath of his life.

Still beautiful tho.

17. Before and After mud bath.

At least the smile remained.

Walter explains why screening is an important part of the adoption process at Central California SPCA and other welfare organizations. He says,“We do this to make sure they are breed knowledgeable, and not adopting simply due to the breed being pretty, or for any negative factors. We also like to make sure that if the customer has more than one person living in the household that everyone is in agreement in adopting a pet. We prefer that everyone in the home spends time with the pet to make sure the pet is a good fit in the household.”

It becomes important for them to know if the person willing to adopt a dog has had prior experience with dogs or other animals. He further added,”We recommend doing meet and greets first with the potential adopters in order to not have any issues at home with their beloved pet and our shelter animals.”

18. Looks like a shoot for D-ogue!

Damn, Too Tall!

19. A muddy ride back home.

Must’ve been hard having him in the back seat.

20. Somebody dived in head first…

And now chocolate doggo is ready!!!

21. He’s definitely guilty.

But will still lick that yummy mud.

22. Went in as a dog…

Left as a toofless walrus.

23. This dog would choose mud over that dress.

Alllll day and any day.

24. Learning from the master himself.

He feels good about it!

25. She’s a good girl…

Until she sees mud.

26. How most of us lay in bed after hours of work…

Bet we don’t look this cute.

27. What an amazing Mud Suit!

12/10 for that smile.

28. Birthday boy just asked for one thing…

Your wish is our command.

29. White dogs get the dirtiest

So so so cute!

30. He doesn’t regret his decision one bit.

The loveliest smile ever!

This brings us to the end of it. Sad that it’s over? We are too. We were just getting started with all the fun and BAM! Anyways, these dogs were surely having the time of their lives and made sure whoever sees them like this, also has fun. And they guessed it right…We did have a lot of fun. Their smiles are enough to brighten our day. And if they’re happy, we’re the happiest. Do you agree? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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