Women Sleep Better With Dogs By Their Side Instead Of Human Partners, Study Shows

  • By Saif
  • October 8, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Ladies, get ready to share a bed with your dogs after you are done reading this article!

Having your dog by your side is definitely a wonderful feeling. Dog owners find it really hard when they have to leave their pooches and go out for jobs, schools and colleges. The idea of being separated can bring a lot of anxiousness along. People don’t want to let go of their dogs, even when they sleep! They love the idea of sharing a bed with their pups. But this topic has always been a debate if it is healthy to share a bed with your dogs or not. I am sure having your dog beside you in your bed will be a great feeling. And it will also be really comfortable to have a furry snuggle buddy with you.

But today, we will be talking about how women find it more comforting to sleep with dogs by their side. Also, they get better sleep while sleeping next to their dogs as compared to human partners. So ladies, don’t be ashamed if you let your dogs sleep in your bed, because this will actually help you in getting a night of better sleep!

What were the methodologies used for this research?

A group of researchers who hailed from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, managed to conduct this study and the sample of this research, consisted of 962 American women. However, the sole purpose of this research was to investigate the relationship between pet ownership and sleeping patterns.

After the survey was conducted and the data was accumulated, the researchers came to know that almost 55% of the women from this survey had at least one of their dogs sleep in their bed. But that’s not it, they further came to know that about 31% of women shared their bed with a cat & 57% of women shared their bed with their human partners. Amazing, isn’t it?

What was the purpose of this study?

When we talk about sleeping partners, we notice that there has been a lot of work done by researchers when it comes to collecting data about the positive and negative effects of sleeping with a human partner. There are various studies that add up to our information about sharing a bed with your partner. But what about the people who share beds with their pets? How does that have an impact on them? This topic is not touched by a lot of researchers and we also notice that this topic isn’t given its due importance. So the main purpose of this study was to throw light on how sleeping with your pets effects your sleep and your routine.

Results of this study

The results of these studies will actually be really shocking for the cat owners. Dogs owners, don’t worry! You are good to go.

It has been proven that women sleeping with their dogs had a very peaceful and comfortable sleep. They also felt secure and the dogs didn’t cause them to have a night of disturbed sleep. In fact, it was the complete opposite! The sleep was very pleasant, calming and soothing for these women! These results are so wonderful, isn’t it amazing how your doggos can help you sleep better? Guess what? The perks of sleeping with your dogs don’t end here. Results of this study further suggested that dog owners were found to sleep earlier and also wake up earlier as compared to the people who had cats.

Coming to the cats, I am sorry cat owners, you will not be pleased to read the next sentence. But it is what it is… Cat owners who slept with their cats reported having a very troublesome and disruptive sleep. Yes, cats will not help you with good night sleep. Sleeping with cats was also connected to having weaker feelings of comfort and security in comparison to both dog and human bed partners. Be ready to have a disorderly and poor sleep if you are planning to sleep in the same bed with your cat.

Another research that is similar to this one was conducted back in 2015, at Mayo Clinic. The study evaluated the sleep of people and dogs involving the same bedroom to decide if this arrangement was helpful for sleep. They found that people with a single canine in their bedroom kept up great sleep proficiency, however, that the canine’s situation on or off the bed had some kind of difference. This means that just the mere presence of your dog in the same room can help you have a better sleep! Wow! Dogos, how do y’all manage to be so stunning??

What to derive from these results?

The above-mentioned results are really astonishing, no? What do we obtain from these result? What is the reason behind women getting better sleep with their dogs being in the same bed? One recommendation is that dog ownership is associated with a strict routine, so routine may represent those members keeping to a strict sleep schedule. Playing with your dog all day will make you tired, right? So when you’re both tired, you will eventually sleep early and wake up early!

This is just one basic research. In order to collect more data, and to make sure that these results are accurate, we need more research on this topic!  Follow up research is important to decide if a pet owners’ impression of effects on their sleep lines up with objective measures of sleep quality. Which means that we can’t just generalize the results of this one study, in order to do that we will have to need a lot more research and findings!

This was the scientific stance, now I would like to add more of my own thoughts. And guess what? Every dog owner will agree with me. Also nope, I am not a scientist but I really want to add this to my “another reason why dogs are awesome” list. Making my dog sleep with me in the same bed gives me a sense of security and also a lot of comfort. A recent survey suggests that 42% of dogs owners let their dogs sleep in their beds with them at night. And judging by this investigation, I believe, we’re onto something. So I guess, there is more research happening on this topic. Which is actually great news because it’s also gonna help us with the cat vs dog debate!!

Lastly, we would like to ask the women who are reading this article, what do you think about this research? Do you agree with this or you have had a different experience? This research also depicted how a dog owner will get a night of better sleep with their pooches in comparison to cats owners.  Let us know if you sleep with your pet or not in the comments section below!

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