22 Wholesome Dog Moments That Prove Dogs Are Full Of Unconditional Love

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  • August 17, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Hey, did you ever care to think what your dog feels about you?

Or does it ever feel like you and your dog sometimes share a special bond? If you do, what do you call it exactly? Love, friendship or loyalty? There has been an on-going debate about whether dogs can love. And honestly, we’re pretty much interested to know about it too.

But what we have found is beyond words. We’ve all experienced some bad times where friends are no longer friends and people who you cared about don’t do the same etc. But that’s not the case with dogs. Dogs happen to be the most loyal and loving creatures to ever exist on this planet. Josh Billings once said ‘A Dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself’. And that is pretty much true. Dogs do not dislike you or leave you for just anything. They love you unconditionally. Unconditionally is when they don’t love you because you look or behave a certain way and would comfort you even during your rough times.

They’re so full of love and joy that they feel a hundred times happier with us than we feel with them. The purity in their hearts can be easily seen when you walk in through your door and they wag their tail in genuine happiness. THAT is love. And surprisingly, that’s not the case with humans alone. Dogs are capable of loving any living being…sometimes, even the non-living.

You can’t help but fall in love with them more every time you see them being lovey-dovey with you or someone else. Either way, their selflessness and love for others is something we live for. Scroll down to see what we’re talking about.

1. Wait, did he know that his picture is being taken for the report card?

via u/numberonechewbacca

Well, he seems pretty excited anyway!

2. Dogs and birds can’t be friends!

via Reddit

You’re wrong!!! We don’t believe so.

3. A dog is not only a man’s best friend…

via u/grip_garrison

Cats love their big brother.

4. 3 lbs weight, infinite love.

via VivaLlaEmpire

Who would ever say no to THAT face?

5. You’re doing it wrong son!

via Reddit

Somebody catch the bear…and leave the dog out of it *humph*

6. *Whistles*

via u/herwiththetwodogs

That is one (VERY) handsome looking dog.

7. That’s an absolute unit of beauty.

via articulateantagonist

Dogs come with surprises sometimes. And we love it.

8. Someone knows his math.

via Reddit

That expression though!

9. Sibling rescue stories are our favourite.

via raejohnston

So precious, both of them.

10. Even when the dog sleeps at night…

via Lyn27

It still cares.

11. ‘Hey, Look at me!’

via EscapistsAnonymous

That’s okay, they can be a little dumb too but it’s still adorable AF.

Don’t you just love how incredibly cute these creatures are? And these pictures are proof that dogs are capable of loving “anything” unconditionally. But we know, now that you’re hooked to it, you want to see more, right? That’s fine, we do too.

12. BRACE YOURSELF for the cutest video on the internet today

via Reddit

Tell us this wasn’t the cutest hop you’ve ever witnessed.

13. Dogs can bond with almost anything

via Reddit

Even if it’s just a bag hanging on a chair…

14. The dog has chosen!!!

via Reddit

We can’t say no to that. EVER

15. He’s wagging his tail…

Via Reddit

But what’s so interesting on the TV?!!

16. This. Moment. Is. Incredibly. Precious!

via u/emmettemme

But can’t wait to see when this cat becomes the boss.

17. Well, the dogs would like to disagree.

via Reddit

You see, they are still committed.

18. We can all relate to this.

via Reddit

We’re sure as hell the dog must’ve liked it too.

19. Anything is fair in love and war.

via the_stickiest_one

The smile says it all.

20. Wait, What do you mean?

via samandriel

OOOHHHHH, we failed to notice too.

21. Special love from special dogs…

via Xyzpbq

Never dies.

22. Good job Wilson, You’re doing great.

via GarroFarms

That is so pure. *cries in the corner*

So you see, dogs are capable of showering their unconditional love upon anyone. They LOVE to love. You can’t run away from it. They’ll chase you for as long as they can. And well, it’s times like these that make us feel more loved and worthy of care. The best we can do is love them back even more. And then wait till they shower you with love all day every day. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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