This UPS Driver Takes Photos Of All The Dogs He Meet

This UPS Driver Takes Photos Of All The Dogs He Meet

  • By Saif
  • September 20, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

If you are a dog lover you might know how hard it is to resist when you see random adorable dogs outside! You just want to pet them and hug them and never let go! Because our love for dogs is just limitless, we can love all the dogs in the world and it would not run out! Such is our love. Imagine a job where you get to meet a dozen dogs on a daily basis. Seems like a dream job, right? Too good to be true? But those working for UPS live this dream as they go about their work of delivering posts and they get to meet so many dogs on their routes!

One such worker of UPS, Jason Hardesty from New Orleans, Louisiana, is a massive dog-lover! As a part of being a postal worker, he gets to meet his customer’s dogs! He can’t help himself without taking a picture with these doggos and uploads them on his Instagram account along with the dog names as the caption! Let’s look at some of these pictures of Jason with doggos! We’re so excited, are you? Scroll down then!


Just look at his happiness!

Jason religiously takes pictures with every dog he meets on his jib, it has become a part of his job! He doesn’t consider his work to be done if he hasn’t pet a dog and taken a picture with them! Jason is living our dream life! However, he is not alone in this. Way back in 2013, Sean McCarren created a Facebook page by the name UPS Dogs where the postal workers would share the pictures of all the animals, especially dogs, they met on their route to work. But Jason had a lot of these pictures, he truly is an enthusiast in his love that he decided to dedicate his Instagram account for his love of dogs!

This dalmatian is happier to meet Jay than Jay is to meet him!

Gooda Gooda is such a precious doggo!

Jason has a massive following of 83.4k, his followers love to go on adventures through Jason’s Instagram and impatiently wait for him to post about new canine friends he met on his way to work! And we are guilty of keeping up with Jason’s Instagram as well, not something we regret! His posts melt our hearts and we need our daily dose of adorable doggos. So follow him if you feel the same way about doggos like we do!

Lupo is what huge furry doggo dreams are made of!

We wish Jay could post this dog to our homes!

Look at that glistening doggo!

We love how Jason’s happiness keeps increasing in every new post!

Ali sticking out his tongue is the cutest thing ever!

We love the wholesome vibe!

Ray looks as if he is ready to fly with those plane ears!

Such an adorable doggo!

Jeri Liegh knows how to pose! Look at that leg pose!

A model doggo!

We all are extremely happy for Ouiser! Love his radiating smile!

So wholesome!

Duke has got himself some royal attitude!

We are living for that red vest.

Blueberry is the most gorgeous dog! Just look at his eyes!

We’re definitely jealous of Jay!

That warm smile on Loki’s face is totally the mirrored smile of Jay!

Living for all this love!

Daphne is the most adorable fur ball ever!

Look at that shiny furrr!

Those drooping ears have our hearts!

We all are smiling as widely as Jay!

Elmore James got a curly tongue and we for some reason love it!

That happiness!

Leon is showing off his talents!

Jax is enjoying that cuddle with Jay a lil too much!

That paw on Jay’s arm! AW!

Marsh kissing Jay! This has melted our hearts! Too adorable for words!

Marsh’s kiss>human hugs

Bella likes to be held like a lil human baby!

Such a beauty!

We love this smol doggo with his smol tongue!

Those paws!

Ham is smol adorable fur baby!

Look at those furry ears!

Gumbo does not like to hide his true feelings!

Those eyes!

Dog outfits are our favorite things! Too adorable

That slanting cap!

This lil pup is a ball of happiness!

Jay is one lucky man!

Chita knows his poses right!

This smol baby is too gorgeous for words!

Buzz putting his favourite face on for the female across the street

Those blue eyes!

Moose with his fur and knitwear wins the internet!

This caramel doggo is the cutest!

Huey P licking Jay is the most heartwarming sight ever!

We love them!

OMG- Those ears and that happy smile! This dog! *_*

We need this dog ASAP.

We need bear hugs from this huge bear!

This doggo is too cuddly!

El Guapo is the most precious lil doggo!


This post about Jay with his doggo friends has overwhelmed us with all the right emotions! This post was filled with so much adorable-ness that we skipped so many heartbeats! Jay is surely a lucky man that he gets to live all our dreams! We love Jay for sharing his happiness with us, he is too kind-hearted. We wish him all the happiness and health for doing this noble work. Share this with your loved ones to make their days a better one!

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