Artist Hilariously Illustrates 'Thoughts Of Dogs'

Artist Hilariously Illustrates ‘Thoughts Of Dogs’

  • By Hashir
  • September 5, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

We love our little goofy helping paws, our partners in crime, our best friends, our little pet doggos. They are always around when we need them, ready to cuddle and keep us warm on a cold winter night. With great hard work and devotion, they have achieved the title of good boys. No matter what they do, somehow they still manage to maintain that title. Although it’s kind of suspicious, they do have their bad boy moments, but we still refer to them as good boys and end up showering them with lots of pats and treats.

To answer a lot of questions people have about dogs and for a little sneak peek inside a dog’s mind, artist Denise Natali-Paine illustrated some super cool dog comics. Denise is based in the United States and she is an extremely accomplished artist in her field. She wrote on her site’s about page:

“I’m part executive, part ex-spy, part doggo devotee, part cowgirl, part strategy expert, part culture champion. I’ve authored several successful regular comic strips to include “Downeast’r”, “Drummies” and “the Client”. I’m a five time national Keith L. Ware award winner, illustrated numerous commission pieces for Fortune 1000 and high level public figures, and former editorial cartoonist. I’ve been quietly cultivating a devoted following and would love to have you join our club.”

To view some of Denise Natali-Paine’s extremely creative pieces of work from her comic strip ‘thoughts of dogs,’ scroll down.

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“I always help. Trust me.”

Who says dogs aren’t helpful and considerate?

“Don’t be jealous, hooman.”

“And we have to get it back.”

Looks like the fish has seen too much…

Denise has used an extremely creative and fun way to not only explain a dog’s thought process but also enlighten some of the contemporary issues like water pollution. People go to the beaches, have a great time, party with friends and dump all the litter that is collected in the process into the sea or the seashore. They don’t even realize how bad this is affecting our water life. A lot of water animals die each year due to eating the garbage people throw shamelessly into the seas and oceans. Many of the water animals have become extinct and some are endangered. This garbage consists of plasticware like cups, plates, straws and bottles; some food items are also included and sometimes people even dump the medical or chemical waste into the ocean, causing the water to become polluted. Can we live in a filthy home? The ocean is home to millions of species of water animals. How dare we pollute their home?

Humans are lazy sometimes…

“I did?! My hooman is quite an active social media user.”

Life is ironic, isn’t it?

A dog is a dog, he panics.

“I didn’t sign up for this!”

Oops! Wrong park.

The doggo’s gotta take some Omega-3.

No kidding, but the dog’s got a point.

How happy he is to have an emotional support human.

He was just trying to help.

Quarantine is driving dogs crazy.

Dogs know exactly where the treats are.

Looks like the good boy made a friend while playing fetch at the lake.

Living with dogs is great and these comics are the best representation of it. How is life with dogs for you? Let us know in the comments below. Do share these wholesome illustrations with your friends and family to see if they agree or not.

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