17 Stories From Dog Owners To Brighten Up Your Day

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  • June 1, 2020
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Dogs can be a little silly sometimes. Whether it’s from the way they behave, or the way they overreact on the littlest things. I remember hearing one story about this one puppy that stopped wagging her tail because she spent so long wagging it so hard that she sprained it. What a silly animal.

And that’s not the only over-dramatic dog in the universe, as you may have already guessed. These dog owners have overzealous puppies of their own, who go from invading their personal space to figuring out more complicated and somewhat impressive ways of getting attention.

These stories will warm even the coldest of hearts.

#1 Working from home comes with drawbacks.

“It seemed like a good idea to work from home. It seemed…”

#2 The protector of the bathroom.

“This dog protects the door to the shower when my girlfriend is in there.”

#3 This husky is doing his best pillow impersonation.

“My 11-year-old dog found a new job as the designated pillow.”

#4 Or anyone else you don’t want to acknowledge you know in public.

 “My puppy has nailed the ’walking past a coworker you don’t really know’ smile already.”

#5 Jewel is a sweetheart.

“Jewel and I drink coffee together every morning, she has her private glass there and drinks milk foam. She will be 16 soon.”

#6 The only way to beat the Florida heat.

 “My old man knows the right way to spend a Sunday in Florida.”

#7 She said hello!

“I wasn’t sure where she was, so I called her name and was greeted by this.”

#8 It’s a very special piece of kibble.

“Our dog carries a piece of dog food with him around the house. Sometimes, he licks it while sleeping.”

#9 He’s a tired new adopt.

“Girlfriend and I adopted a puppy, he fell asleep on the table his first day out on the town.”

#10 Rosie knows how much she’s loved.

 “I love saying goodnight to this face each night. Side note: Rosie sleeps with her bone and treats it like her baby.”

Look at her face, her smiley, happy face. She knows that she’s loved, and she mirrors that affection just as intensely. Rosie has been nourished with kindness and love that a pet needs, and you can see the joy in her eyes. She returns that joy to her bone, too, which gets more cuddles and sleepytime kisses than you can even guess!

#11 Chewbacca is a good boy.

 “Good boy cosplay”

#12 The last camping trip. It was worth it.

“My best friend’s first and most likely last camping trip. He’s still alive! Just too old to go adventuring.”

#13 I’m powerless against him too.

“It was at this moment I realized I was powerless against this dog…”

#14 Brutus is a good boy with good boy intentions.

“As a maintenance tech at an apartment complex, I don’t enter an apartment that has a dog if no one is home…except for Brutus. Brutus just wants to help.”

#15 She needs to go hiking too.

“I bought it to go on hikes. She hates me.”

#16 He loves the attention and gets it any way he knows how.

“My dog intentionally fake coughs to get more attention. If this isn’t intelligent behavior, I don’t know what is.”

#17 One big potato with several tiny potatoes.

“My dog looks like she’s proud of what she did.”

What about you? Do you have a story about your dog that you’d like to share? Tell us about it!

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