30 Pics Of Solar Powered Pets Charging Themselves & Enjoying Sunbathe

  • By Hashir
  • June 15, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Vitamin D is said to be great for bones. As it boosts plasma calcium and phosphorus levels in our body to the extent where normal mineralization of bones can occur. That’s not the only job of vitamin D. Other than helping in skeletal growth, it also helps in immune system, metabolism and in the control of parathyroid gland that is responsible for balancing calcium in our body. It also plays a great role in our skin and helps prevent cancer. Quite a lot of uses, right? So, now the question is how exactly can we get vitamin D?

There are many different sources for Vitamin D and one of the easiest is sunlight. That’s why doctors advise us to spend some time in the sun, with sunscreen on of course and absorb some vitamin D. Just like humans, animals also need Vitamin D. This is why we see animals enjoying a sunbath every now and then. We surfed the internet and managed to find 30 photos of pets re-energising themselves in the sun. Scroll down to see.

This one enjoys the illuminated rectangle.

Soak up the goodness.

Credits: 1991Kira

Linear sunbathing.

Credits: kimberleykitty

In animals, the absorption of Vitamin D is very different than humans. Their bodies are covered in fur that acts as a natural sunscreen for them. It keeps the UV rays from touching their skin directly. So, when these animals sunbathe, vitamin D is stored on their skin in the form of oil and most animals then lick it off their skin for absorption.

So after browning in the sun, the cat had a white patch on his chest?

credits: xkreiosx

“Be gone peasant! I’m busy here.”

Credits: NanoFloofs

“This Picture Of My Cat Oliver Enjoying The Spring Sun Is Just Melting My Heart”

Just two drunk chickens in the sun.

credits: Luis Antonio Hernandez

Dr Mauria O’Brien, who is a specialist in emergency and critical care at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital says “Many studies in humans have found that low vitamin D status is associated with common cancers, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular disorders and infectious diseases, It’s possible that finding out more about how our pets use vitamin D and how much they need could help us improve their care and health.”  Dr O’Brien further added, “In the past 25 years, we’ve learned that nearly every type of cell in the vertebrate body contains receptors for vitamin D, not just the cells associated with skeletal health.” “The vitamin’s effects on the immune system are especially compelling when it comes to protecting animals from infectious diseases.”

“Catch my good side.”

Credits: hlllzbth

If contentment had a face…

Credits: mushuweenie

“Draw me like one of your French girls…”

Credits: hezan00b

“Paco Sunbathing. Normal Sploot vs. Fabulous Sploot”

Lights- Camera- ACTION!

Credits: walkerspider

“My dog looks like she is glowing because she loves laying on this one spot where the sun shines straight through a tiny window”

“Hey, could you pass me a beer?”

Credits: AstaLawl

“This Is My Staffie Benny. Benny Loves The Sun”

That’s his spot.

Credits: sirjessington

“Meet Cassius. Two Weeks Ago My Mom Found Him As A Stray, And Today I Found Him Sunbathing In My Kitchen”

“No mom, I’m not sleepy at all.” *Sleeps*

Credits: bearthebratwurst

Cat is loading… Please wait.

Credits: BennyS199

Badly assembled IKEA dog.

Credits: sonic_and_skye

“I let Sonic out on the balcony. 5 min later this is what I see”

He’s meditating.

Credits: necele

“My Sister Recently Moved Out So Her Bedroom Is His Now. He Likes To Sit On The Bed And Sunbathe During The Day”

Mugshot! It is a crime to be a cutie!

Bread loaf kitty basking in the sun.

Credits: GallowBoob

Rotisserie chicken.

Credits: irochelle

“My aunt’s dog loves to sunbath like this. Reminds me of a Rotisserie chicken”

Looks like the cat was chasing the gecko but got tired and collapsed.

Credits: leumasci

Social distancing cats.

credits: PandaPanda311

She’s laying on the floor, but it also looks like she’s taped to the wall.

Credits: Maria Lucile

That’s one fancy cat sunbathing.

Credits: tigsp75

“Dex, making himself comfortable”

Some of this chonky’s favorite things. Sunlight, toys and boxes.

Credits: maomi_sjb

This little guy seems to be a yoga instructor.

Credits: Unicornglitteryblood

When light hits you in the right spots.

Credits: Pattawat Prapassorakul

“Mommy, I was just basking.”

When the sun hits you right in the feels.

Credits: cavaboy_pluto

This one’s 80% charged.

Credits: bodhi_and_gus

“Did I call you? No, didn’t think so.”

credits: sunny.the.beardie

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