Signs Which Proves That Your Dog Loves You More Than Anything

Signs Which Proves That Your Dog Loves You More Than Anything

  • By Saif
  • October 8, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Want to know if your dog loves you back or not?

Dogs are cute, wonderful and amazing. They are so perfect that reciprocity isn’t really a requirement for you to continue loving them. There are a lot of things that make us fall in love with them. Their loyalty tops the list, their cuddles, and the fact that they bring their fair share of laughter in our life can make anyone fall for them within no time. Want a perfect walking companion? No better option than having a dog! They can make boring car rides really entertaining. Figuring out how to or why you love your pup isn’t that difficult. But when it comes to figuring out if your pup loves you back, that thing can surely be challenging!

Reciprocity isn’t really important, but it surely would be a nice feeling when you know that the affection goes both ways. Though dogs can’t put their love into words, they have a huge range of ways to show that they care. Let it be subtle body language or over the top acts of affection, your pooch can show you affection in many different and surprising ways. Licking you, rubbing their face with yours, greeting you when you come home from outside and guarding you are some signs which depict that your pup really cares about you!

Sometimes you can also rely on your instincts that your dog loves you but if you don’t trust your gut, you should scroll down and read this article. As it contains a list of cues that will prove your dogs love for you. This article contains statements of Haeleigh Hyatt, the director of dog training at OnPoint Systems LLC, Dr Carol Osborne, of Chagrin Falls Veterinary Center & Pet Clinic & Jeff Franklin, owner and operator of Cobra Canine.

1. Your dog stretching and sighing

Don’t ignore it when your dog stretches and lets out a long sign when they are beside you, as Dr Carol says “It’s just a sign of contentment.”

2. When your dog comforts you in different ways..

“When you’ve had a trying day and your dog comes up to set his or her head in your lap or hands or to lean against you, that is them telling you, ‘It will be OK, I’m here,’” explains Franklin. “What is love if not consoling someone you care most about?”

3. Jumping up is a sign!

It is often considered to be a behavioural problem in dogs. But Hyatt explains, “jumping up on people is a dog’s way of saying that he’s missed you and is very excited to see you”. Further, she added, “By jumping up, your dog is only trying to get closer to you, and perhaps, lick your face.”

4. Cuddles and snuggles!

Dr Carol, who happens to be an author as well as a veterinarian, says, “While some leans could signal a bit of anxiety, the affectionate lean is going to be calm and relaxed and loving. They snuggle up beside you because they’re safe and comfortable lying next to the one that they love.”

5. Following you around, everywhere you go!

“Some dogs are not into physical affection, and that’s OK,” says Hyatt. “They will try to be close to you in other ways — like following you from room to room. Just like cuddling, following you means that your dog wants to spend time with you and feels safe in your presence.”

6. Money can buy you a good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail.

“Dogs wag their tails when they’re happy and relaxed, just feeling good about everything,” says Dr Carol. So when your dogs wag its tail, know that your lil bubba is happy and content with you!

7. Love is when your dog licks you, even when you have left him alone for the whole day.

“Kisses mean a lot, even to dogs,” says Haeleigh Hyatt. He further says, “Mother dogs lick their puppies as a sign of affection, keeping them clean and well cared for. By licking you, your dog is showing you how much he cares for and respects you.”

8. When your dog owns your things, specifically your bed!

“For those lucky dogs that sleep with their owners, you’ll find they typically are touching you, if not laying on you entirely. That is also a sign of their endearment,” says Franklin. “Sleep is a vulnerable time for every living creature. Leaning or laying beside your beloved pack member is a surefire sign of love within their pack.”

9. When your dog leaps or bounds over you.

“Touch is one of the largest signs of love and affection in the human world, and it is much the same in the canine world too,” says Franklin. He also adds “Whether you’ve had a great day or a really stressful one when you open the door and walk in and they bound to you to say ‘hello, I’m happy to see you’” This depicts true love!

10. Making eye contact!

Dr Carol tells how eye contact is very important and exciting, if not the most important thing. “It’s a way to say I love you, it’s a sign of intimacy as well as trust and affection,” she explains. “When your dog looks at you in their eyes, their brain releases the feel-good hormone, the oxytocin, which is the same hormone new mothers bond through with their babies.”

These signs and cues will surely be of help if you want to know how much your dog adores you. Have you noticed your pooch showing these signals? If yes, then congratulations! They also love you as you love them. There must be other signs as well, would you like sharing them with us in the comments section below? Also share your thoughts and opinions about this article!

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