This Siberian Husky Has A Rare Brown Coat & Winning Hearts With His Beauty

This Siberian Husky Has A Rare Brown Coat & Winning Hearts With His Beauty

  • By Sara
  • November 19, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

This is one sight you don’t want to miss.

We already know that Siberian Huskies are breathtakingly beautiful. They have a very unique look that makes people turn heads when they spot one nearby. However, one Siberian Husky has been getting a lot of attention lately because of his rare looks. As if being a Siberian Husky wasn’t enough, this one has brown fur!

This is SeQuoi Tenk (AKA Quoi).

As you can tell, Quoi is a very special boy because of his chocolate-brown fur coat. Even though anyone can easily mistake him as a wolf in the wild, he is a pure Siberian Husky. His shiny blue eyes and brown fur can make a person doubt if he is even a dog, which suits the fact that he travels the lower 48 of the United States with his nomad mom, Nikki. His is on a search to find a home with his mom, and she posts their adventures in nature on his Instagram account.

He gathered over 22,000 followers on his Instagram account in just 8 months.

Which doesn’t come as a surprise to us, just look at him!

There is a meaning behind his unique name.

My Modern Met interviewed his mom, Nikki, and she explained the meaning of his name to them. “His first name SeQuoi, is after a sequoia tree,” Nikki told them.

“They say a name can really shape a personality, and I wanted him to be big, tall, and strong like a sequoia tree is.”

“Tenko is Japanese for ‘heavenly fox,’ and as much as I wanted him to be strong, I also wanted him to be sweet, which he totally is!”

Other than a cute little white spot on his chest, all of Quoi’s fur is brown.

Completely brown-furred Huskies are very rare, so he gets a lot of attention when he is near people.

“Everywhere we go, people stop in their tracks wanting to pet him,” says Nikki.

However, people have a hard time believing he is a pure Siberian Husky.

“I get asked at least three-five times by strangers ‘what is he?’ and when I say ‘Siberian Husky,’ no one ever believes me, but he is AKC certified and is 100% Siberian Husky.”

He just looks like the combination of a wolf and a bear.

But his majestic looks prove he is a Husky.

Nikki got him when he was just a puppy.

She initially wanted to adopt a full-grown dog, but it was hard for her to get approval by an animal sanctuary because she doesn’t have a permanent residence.

“The puppy route was my only choice to get a dog,” she explains. “While he wasn’t the dog I was searching for, he was exactly the dog I needed. Full of attitude and goofiness.”

And we are so happy for both of them!

He really is a goofball, just like Nikki explained.

He loves doing bleps just like other dogs.

Quoi is a very special boy.

This is what he looked like as a puppy:

It looks like a still from a movie scene.

We’ve fallen in love with this gorgeous chocolate-brown boy.

And we can’t wait to see more of his adventures in the wild!

The Husky SeQuoi: Instagram

What do you think of this beautiful baby? Does he look like a wild wolf to you too? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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