This Adorable Shiba Inu Sleeps In Food Inspired Dog-Beds

This Adorable Shiba Inu Sleeps In Food Inspired Dog-Beds

  • By Sara
  • 3 weeks ago
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You thought you had seen it all, didn’t you?

Well, you thought wrong. Our love for animals increases by the day, and we think of new and creative ideas related to our furry friends that just keep getting better and better. The recent trend of pet celebrity profiles on Instagram and Facebook has been going pretty viral, and none of us are complaining. It is one of the few famous trends that I would follow because it includes our little fur babies. Thanks to this trend, we see a lot of incredible ideas by pet owners regarding animal dresses and furniture.

We love our dogs so much, we want to get them the warmest and cutest beds. So far, we have seen a lot of creative bed ideas, but this Shiba Inu has won the bed design game.

This is where Yuki-chan comes in.

Yuki-Chan, a 3-year-old Japanese Shiba Inu, resides in her plushy potato chips bag and ramen pots. From beds that are shaped like tarts to thrones that belong to pets (GOT reference), there are plenty of fine crafted and comfy beds for our four-legged friends, but Yuki-chan has won our hearts for sure with her food inspired beds.

Recently, we witnessed this adorable Shibu Inu sleeping in a bed that resembled a big pack of potato chips indicating the Shibu Inu is a potato, and of course, she is. Look at this good girl peacefully sleeping in her potato chips bag feeling all warm and comfy.

Twitter user, @n0qTVdKQKf4r0Qt, Yuki-Chan’s owner, posted photos of the cute doggo quietly resting in her special bed.

And we have been obsessed with her ever since.

We also saw the same pup sleeping in a huge, warm, and fluffy ramen cup.

With all these snack bags housing the pup, we cannot help but imagine what this pup would be dreaming of. Food? More food? We don’t know, but she looks happy and comfortable.

You can see Yuki-chan playing around in her plushie beds in the videos below:

What an adorable and cuddly baby!

Shiba Inu Yuki-Chan: Twitter | YouTube

Have you come across any creative and cute dog-bed ideas recently? Share them with us in the comments below!

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