Shelter Dogs Rescued A Few Hours Before Being Euthanized

Shelter Dogs Rescued A Few Hours Before Being Euthanized

  • By Saif
  • November 6, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

This one might get too emotional, embrace yourselves!

When we say, Social Media is the new king, there’s absolutely no doubt about that. It’s incredible how a picture which is shared on social media has so much power to change or save a life? Whether it’s a human or an animal, the kindness is still prevailing all around the world and it’s really heart-warming to see that. We are going to talk about how two dogs named Kala and Keira, were saved by a very kind human being as they were scheduled to be put down.

Back in 2015, Kala and Keira, the two dogs were being kept together in a shelter home in a kennel. As expected, they became extremely attached to each other. It would be fair to say that all they had in this big world was each other’s back. As time passed, they became soulmates but unfortunately, the shelter they were living in wasn’t just a normal shelter, it was a kill shelter and they had a very little time left. And that’s where the miracle happened!

via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

The dogs were located at the Etowah County Humane Society, where just a day prior to taking their life, the staff decided to make a last effort and posted their photo on social media. As soon as the post got attention, an animal rescue group which goes by name of Angel Among Us Pet Rescue contacted the shelter and came to know that the two dogs were very close to their deadline of being euthanized.

This picture is going to send shivers down to your spine.

via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Within such a short time frame, the rescue department came up with a beautiful strategy of resharing the picture of those adorable puppers along with a perspective of Kala narrating her heartwrenching story.

Here’s the story which the Rescue department shared:

Then the rescue department encouraged the people to adopt the poor little dogs before their time runs out…

This post quickly went viral for being so touchy and just in a couple of hours past, a kind gentleman called the rescue and told that he was coming to pick them up. He rescued the dogs and saved them but unfortunately, he could only foster them until he finds a permanent home for them. Well, that’s still a wonderful initiative!

Here’s a picture of those doggos and that amazing person who rescued them from death!

via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

The first picture broke my heart but the second one made it whole again.

However, three months later after the picture of those dogs were posted for adoption onto the social media in October, they finally found a forever home! Pam Cody and Wendy Newman came as two angels and decided to give those doggos a new life. And the best part is, both the ladies are best friends and they share a room together! So, Kala and Keira were not separated from each other and both would get their very own mom to love.

Did anyone say happy endings don’t exist?

via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

They surely do!

Later while narrating the story in an interview with People, Pam and Wendy told how they saw Kala and Keira in the post but they already had two dogs at that time, then in a tragically beautiful twist of fate both of their dogs lost their lives in an accident. So, when they learned that the dogs they saw before were still finding a home, they quickly decided to add them to their family.

via Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

And the story ends here with a perfect happy ending! We have often seen such stories ending in a brutal and sad way but this was one of the most satisfying stories we have come across. We have always encouraged our readers to always go for adoption and save a life! Nothing is greater than the feeling of saving a life! We would like to find out your opinions regarding this beautiful story. Feel free to write into the comments section below.

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