Hilarious Reactions Of Puppies Seeing Snow For The First Time

Hilarious Reactions Of Puppies Seeing Snow For The First Time

  • By Saif
  • October 6, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Ever seen the reaction of a puppy during a snowfall?

When there is a decrease in the temperature, and the snow starts to fall, many of us decide to hibernate inside our houses with warm blankets and an unlimited supply of hot chocolate. But wait, this article is going to revolve around a puppy’s first experience of snow, not on humans! Puppies can be a huge fan of cold weather and snow depending on their first experiences. If they enjoy their first experience, they would wait for the snow more keenly than we do.

Puppies having their first experiences with snow is so natural, and their reactions are nothing less than a treasure! They go around the yard with heads held high and tails streaming, kicking like lively foals. That bewildering, fabulous, white cold powder is to catch, roll, have fun and play in! What is it about snow that makes our canines go fully bonkers? Well, snow happens to be a brand new toy for them & being in the snow is not something which they would usually experience. So they try to get the best of it!

Although not all the doggos would enjoy being out in the snow and would just want to rush back inside their warm territories just like us humans would do! However, just in case if you have not been able to witness the reactions of puppies exploring their first snow, not to worry! We have managed to gather pictures of those puppies and their first experiences with the snow. And trust me, their reactions are really amusing! You are certainly going to want to get an adorable little puppy and let them play in the snow! Scroll down and see.

1. Definitely not a snow dog…

Hooman, can we now pls go inside??

2. Lets play hide n seek in the snow

Imma hide like a leedul baby in the snow.

3. Trying to get a snowflake

Instead got some snow on my nose.

4. ‘Do you really expect us to have fun here, hooman?’

Its freaking cold hooman, we’re not liking it..

5. Groom’s solo photoshoots be like..

This doggo seems to be lost in the beauty of snow!

6. ‘Pweasee just a little longer? Waited all year for this’

This cute leedul bubba is adoring the beauty of snow!

7. This is what true happiness looks like!

Can you see this lil baby smiling? Totally adorbs!

Aren’t you enjoying their expressions? Love how all their thoughts are visible on their faces. Their expressions totally tell us if they have liked the snow or not. This collection of beautiful and adorable photos doesn’t end here, we have a lot more for you! Keep on scrolling to find more of these cute and adorable expressions!

8. ‘What is this ‘cold’ you speak of?’

Cold weather, where you at?

9. And look at this excited puppa!

Aww! We can see that someone is already a fan of snow!

10. Sleeping arrangements.

This doggo is really having the time of his life!

11. ‘Yes you can leave, imma stay here.’

Ta ta hooman, I guess I love the snow more than I love you.

12. So….tired….of…playing..in…the..snow…

Tired but still wanting to stay..

13. ‘But I wanna build a snow man…’

Don’t wanna leave yet, can’t we stay hooman?

14. Sexy and I snow it.

Bleaghh the cat lied, dis iz nawt snow ice cream.

15. Play fetch in the snow they said, it will be fun they said..

We’re not sure if this photo is more ferocious or adorable.

There are times when humans decide to go out in the snow and build snow forts, and hurdle down snowy hills on sledges, skis, and snowboards. According to my opinion, our dogs tend to follow our lead! But I guess they are just more expressive than us. All these expressions were really hilarious and adorable! What are your opinions and thoughts? Did you enjoy as much I did while writing this article? Let us know in the comments section below!

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