30 Wholesome Posts That Prove Dogs Are Purest

  • By Hashir
  • August 6, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

A dog is a man’s best friend they say and they are right. Dogs are not just pets, they are our four-legged bundles of joy. They are always there by our side, even in the most adverse situations. When everyone leaves us, they are the ones who stay. Dogs are loyal and put their human before anything else. They even put themselves second.

Dogs are the most loyal friend a human can have. They want to be with their human at all times. Not to mention, they are very helpful too and it’s in their DNA. They are a little warrior and they never give up. From being stuck in a fire and making their way out untouched to comforting those who are not having the best time, dogs have proved that they have a heart of gold. So many people share their dog’s wholesome stories and photos every day and here we have collected the best 30 that really moved us. These photos will prove that dogs are the purest. Scroll down to check them out.

Such a brave little soul.

Credits: Hakitana

This one is definitely the best picture on the internet today.

Credits: jsavite

Now, that’s a great gesture. Our faith in humanity has been restored.

Credits: dogsbeingbasic

We do so much for the people of our community and often overlook the little helpless animals. They are also a part of our community and they need as much care as we humans do. After all, if we wouldn’t care for them, who else will? This is an extremely notable gesture by the coffee shop owners in Lesvos, Greece to let the stray dogs in at night so that they don’t freeze outside in the cold. This is one coffee shop doing it if many more around the globe start doing the same, this will definitely make a difference. Not only will the animals be saved, but they would be of great help as well. Some dogs have a working nature and they can be employed.

Happy tears run down our faces.

Credits: CarolinaGrace

“Hi!! I like you. Do you like me? Quick, pet me!”

Credits: ontpinry

Seems like those two have bonded well.

Credits: Meems138

Stanley is a good boy.

Credits: Struggling_to_Keto

“Let the sun shine on my fur.”

Credits: pswfreathy

This dog is more motivated to lose weight than most of us. Good job buddy!

Credits: strikeoutsteph

Such a gem!

Credits: ExLaxMarksTheSpot

Looks like Hig likes to get attention.

Credits: shittymorph

No matter how old we get, the desire to get a dog remains constant.

Credits: prof_procrastinate

“I love you, you love me, we are a happy family.”

Credits: aespiano23

“Hello, ladies! Mind if I join in?”

Credits: Elatedonion

Dobby is a total cutiepie!

Credits: QtipJC

Next thing you know, all the girls standing in a line to meet the pupper.

Credits: Instagram

Aww, that’s so heart-warming!

Credits: BenVenn

He sure does know how to get what he wants. Tank’s a spoiled little baby!

Credits: GrizZzly

Looks like the dog approves.

Credits: iamsoveryverytired

Nothing like a reunion hug.

Credits: BaconNCaffeine

Dogs can sense sadness. Such good kids they are.

Credits: raposa10

Missed the concert for good. This doggo is so handsome.

Credits: boulderkitty

Remember that you’re the chosen one.

Credits: dog_rates

That’s trouble just waiting to happen, right there. Adorable, fluffy trouble.

Credits: MJTree

That’s what best friends are for.

Credits: TheZenScientist

She’s gorgeous!

Credits: Buffaloney84

Those two look so goofy. We bet they have a lot of fun together!

Credits: ieatnoob4brkfst

This pupper is an artist in the making.

Credits: cata_koala

A refreshing treat!

Credits: DarkXXShadowXX

She’s playing her part in saving the mother earth.

Credits: theincrediblechris

These dogs have warmed up our hearts. We are overwhelmed and we hope that you are too. If you have pictures of your dog proving that it’s a pure-hearted goofball then share with us in the comments below. Do share this with fellow dog owners and brighten up their day.

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