20 Hilarious Photos Of Pets Getting Adorably Jealous Of Their Owners

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  • July 9, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Did you think your girlfriend was the only one who gets jealous?

Ugh, I meant, humans are not the only ones who get jealous whenever you’d start showing affection to other people. Animals do too. We tend to get jealous and possessive when the person we really like or love starts showing even a bit of affection to anybody else.

Whether it’s a human or an animal, the feelings are very mutual. If you own a pet or two, you must have experienced that when you’d start giving attention to one of them, the other one would get jealous. You will be able to notice their adorable and cute expressions and you’d be like awwww.

Some people managed to capture those incredibly cute moments and decided to share it with us while their pets react to their owners being affectionate towards the other pets and being all jello mello!

Let’s take a look at those adorable moments!

1. “She is jealous of me when I pet her brother.”

© nightn1ght / reddit

Awww… she’s doing those PUPPY EYES!

2. “My wife’s dog is jealously guarding her while she sleeps.”

© Badbomber360 / reddit

Bob, don’t you even try to go near her. I’m watching you.

3. “He gets jealous when I take our new dog for a walk.”

© hamoud888 / reddit

He is adopted! I am your real doggo, give me all the love!

4. “Leave my mommy alone.”

© unknown / reddit
I will hurt you for being this close to my hooman.

5. Forget that doggo, I am your master now, hooman!

© eggsrus / reddit

6. I’m going to kill that cat.

© tiffanymcclure / reddit

7. Let that dog come home today.

© livingdeadly / reddit

8. No, I do not want to take a picture with you anymore. First, you explain who’s that dog with you in your gallery.

© docholliday3990 / redditc

9. Don’t get out of my sight! Don’t think of closing this door even!

© rnulched / reddit

10. That baby has become more adorable than me now?

© Texaspoontappa18505 / reddit

We bet you are enjoying these cute little pets being all jealous! Don’t worry, we have more pictures to make you laugh! Keep scrolling

11. Get. That. Doggo. Off. Of. My. Human!

© fiddle_sticks_ / reddit

12. I don’t really like taking baths but I’d do that just for your attention.

© JustALadISuppose / reddit

13. Hi. Can I have my attention back now?

© unknown / imgur

14. Does he really have to come with us? I mean, am I not enough for you?

© Huckleberry_Rogers / reddit

15. “I am not very into my new little owner.”

© omgchomp / imgur
Yeah, I ate the baby. What you gonna do about it? Huh?

16. Lady, this isn’t your boyfriend. He is my hooman. Stay away.

© NBAJam95 / reddit

17. This is not acceptable, at all.

© nazigrammar42 / reddit

18. “Jealously guarding his horde of yarn.”

© Chalk-and-Trees / reddit
Don’t you even think of coming towards me.

19. Wait a minute, who is he and why is he near my hooman?

© /vanfullamidgets / reddit

20. But it was my kisshie. I iz sad.

© xSpiderBabyx / reddit

We hope you’ve enjoyed these cute jellow mellow moments. We know now to always be careful while giving attention to other pets in front of the another. Gotta make sure they don’t feel left out! They have smol hearts and can get sad easily. Do you have pets who get jealous when you don’t give them the attention they want? Have you captured any of those moments? If so, please share it with us in the comments section below!

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