17 Pets That Are Pros At Camouflage

17 Pets That Are Pros At Camouflage

  • By Sara
  • March 28, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Never play hide and seek with your pet.

Having a pet at home is like having free entertainment. Sure, it is a lot of responsibility to handle as you have to take care of all your pet’s needs such as medical expenses, good food, clean water, and a comfortable living place, but it is all worth it when you play with your dog or cat and all your worries melt away. If there is a pet in the room, it is bound to be the center of attention and suck all the stress out of the people around it. They are walking furballs of sunshine and everyone can agree to that. Pets walk around the entire house all day, going on with their shenanigans and making their parent run after them. Life is good with pets.

Some pets love to play hide and seek. But if they challenge you to it, just know that you are going to lose. If your pet decides to turn on its camouflage mode, you can spend the entire day looking for it and never find it. If you think I’m exaggerating, take a look at this compilation of pet camouflage masters. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1. Looking right into the void.

u/Batjann / Via reddit.com

2. All I see are stones and pebbles.

u/TransIndian / Via reddit.com

3. Greece has a very rare breed of cats.

u/dickfacecat / Via reddit.com

4. This one wins the trophy.

u/WildScorpion / Via reddit.com

5. You shall not pass.

u/caroliner416 / Via reddit.com

6. Dog? That is just snow.

u/m1thil3sh / Via reddit.com

7. Fluffy!

u/mrlucrezia / Via reddit.com

8. Find the cat.

u/caitmill22 / Via reddit.com

Well, these dogs and cats are much better than me at hide and seek. They don’t even need camouflage suits to hide. They have it naturally built in their fur coats. If I had to find any of these pets, I would probably just give up after the first hour. But this is a good source of entertainment though. We are only halfway through, scroll down below to see the rest of the camouflaged pets if you can:

9. Optical illusion 100.

u/JimFancyPants / Via reddit.com

10. That is just wooden floor.

u/Cold_Zero_ / Via reddit.com

11. I would trip over him too.

u/Ncfetcho / Via reddit.com

12. Luna has a split face.

u/LiljaKillYa / Via reddit.com

13. Best friends forever.

u/LAN-down-under / Via reddit.com

14. What a graceful cat.

u/brachiomyback / Via reddit.com

15. Took me a moment.

16. “A pretty good example of unintended animal camouflage: my sister’s dog on a rock in Maine.”


17. Invisible mode on.

Can your pets top these camouflage skills? Share them with us in the comments below.

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