Naughty Pets Who Got Named And Shammed On The Internet For Their 'Doings'

Naughty Pets Who Got Named And Shammed On The Internet For Their ‘Doings’

Pets have kept us amused for as long as we can recall. They make us fall in love with their cuteness, their weird habits, their witty acts, and their loyal personalities. Pets are amazing until they start wreaking destruction all around them like little furry agents of catastrophe. Much as we love our furry friends, sometimes they can drive us up the wall with their naughty and mischievous ways. And if you share your home with more than one pet, then the chances are that they’ve paired up to wreak havoc on more than one occasion.

Today we’re here with an article where there are pictures of Pet owners from around the world who have ‘shamed’ their pets with notes revealing their bad actions and habits. Pet owners are shaming their misbehaving pets by posting photos of them along with signs stating their ‘crimes’ and there couldn’t be a more entertaining thing to laugh at on the internet today. Time for some fur shaming!

Hold on and get ready to smile from ear to ear.

1. Look at this tiny wittle baby snake!

Via Ashley Fiedler

‘Meet Kiwi And His Child. Kiwi Is An Ungrateful Jerk Who Always Gapes And Strikes At Us. Even Though We Feed Him And He Has A Wonderful Enclosure. Well Today One Of His Children Hatched And During His First Beautiful Moments On This Earth, He Decided To Cop An Attitude. The Same Ungrateful Attitude As His Dad. Little Jerks’

2. He ate my money!

Via Madoka Shinzato

This dog ate his owner’s money and has no shame after doing it. Look at him grinning!

3. Gotta eat my biscuit alone!

Via Jr Turner

4. Rabbits would eat literally anything. Even this Barbie!

Via Adele Simmons

This rabbit is named Peter and one of his favorite hobbies is to eat the faces of Barbies that go missing under the bed.

5. As comfy as I can get

Via Stephanie Faires

This dog is named Strider. His owners rescued him from a kill shelter about a month ago. He loves his mom so much that whenever his dad tries to kiss his mom, he jumps over her to protect her. How sweet!

6. 20 little farts

Via Nichole Var

So this dog went to the groomer today and farted once for each nail cut. That makes 20 little farts LOL.

7. See the smug look on his face

Via Kathy Simmons

8. Meet Mouse

Via Rebecca Sheehy

This is Mouse. And Mouse is a dog… When his owners take him outside for Zoomies, he forgets that he only has 3 legs and does barrel rolls across the lawn.

9. Jack ate my bed so he is now my bed!

Via Dani Larsen

10. This one just looks so embarrassed.

Via Kellie Gormly

I wonder how this looks like. If only we can find a video somehow!

11. Someone needs to tell Kevin he’s a cat!

Via Nicki VanRaden

12. Well, this family finally found out who has been eating all the leafies!

Via Alex Hook

And the flowers! Oops!

13. This dog definitely doesn’t need an introduction!

Via Leslie Snickers

14. Gizmo and his love for the Parrot!

Via Anna-mae Grant

So the owner of this dog named Gizmo recently got a parrot which they keep in a cage. Gizmo loves that parrot and tries to see him 24/7.

15. Is he innocent?

Via Shelly Baberack

Larry claims he knows nothing about the new hole in his owner’s garden. Now looking at him, we know who the real culprit is.

Pets can be really naughty at times, disrupting the peace of your home. You come home from the office all tired and weary and they are there to make things worse by adding to the situation negatively. Yes, maybe spoiling your pets is a good thing but we should never give so much leverage to them just because they’re cute that they make things difficult for us. All in all, the balance should be found between spoiling your beloved pet and shaming it too.

16. This one knows how to ignore it’s owner

Via Lizzy Jane Davis

So the owner of this dog spent ages looking for him in case he had gone somewhere but he kept ignoring the keeper and went to bed without him.

17. That parrot!

Via Diane Gent

”My Name Is Kai And I’m From Australia, My Mummy Says I Should Be Ashamed… The Old Man Who Lives Next Door Was Making Lots Of Noise So I Yelled Out Very Loudly ”Shut Up!” Followed Closely By F*** Off”

18. This one, who thinks she’s another type of animal.

Via Natalie Frampton

Meet Shadow, the oh-too-cute sheep!

19. Some relaxing time maybe?

Via Sunnie Montoya Walker

So the owner of this dog was looking in case he has escaped the backyard but he was just chilling in the swimming pool without his dad. All chills, no bills.

20. “I am a distinguished older gentleman and should be treated as such”

Via Deanne Mooney

21. Your day can’t get worse than this. Except that, now, you will smell like piss all day

Via Brian James Ribble

Amusing, nonetheless.

22. Did he eat the door? Run through it? Scratch it really hard?

Via Napoleon Cousteau Nelson

Yeah, we’ll never know!

23. “I saved my mom at 5 a.m. by alerting her about a strange dog in the mirror”

Via Becky Robbins Moulton

24. The guilty combo

Via Charlotte Hawkes

So this pair was successful in pissing the mom off.

25. “The look Bella gives when she is told no she can’t go swimming compared to the look she gives when she is told yes”

Via Diane Kemple Underwood

26. This one just looks like he’d do it all over again without any regrets.

Via Annie Mckenzie

27. The unwanted guest

Via Andrea Jill Ball

28. He just wanted to get a better view! Give him a break.

Via Karen Manthey

“My Doofus Of A Dog Followed The Kids To School Yesterday. Here’s A Picture Of Him In The School Office, Obviously Quite Ashamed Of His Actions”

29. Alright buddy, to be fair, your dad is a little scardy-hooman.

Via Haggar Eissa

30. And ending it off with the one who can’t control his impulses!

Via Foxfeather Zenkova

Such a cutie!

All in all, pets can be really mischievous and if you don’t have regular checks in place, they’ll ignore all the rules and disrupt your household. Do you have naughty pets at home? What’s the worst thing that your pet has ever done? Do share with us in the comments below!

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