10+ Naughty Dogs Who Were Not The Best Boys But Still Good Boys

  • By Sara
  • May 12, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

All dogs are good boys.

They are playful and loving and deserve all our care and attention. Dogs never try to hurt you on purpose. They are all good boys by heart. If you see a dog misbehaving, it is probably because of lack of attention. To raise a good dog, fulfilling all its needs is very important. Do not neglect them and later blame them for causing trouble or for being a nuisance. It all depends on how the owner raises them because they can’t teach themselves what is right or wrong.

One of the reasons why dogs create chaos is because they are too hyper and full of energy. They just want to have fun and get so excited that they don’t realise they are causing problems. They don’t want to do anything wrong. They just don’t know better. So here are 10+ naughty dogs who weren’t the best boys, but still passed as good boys:

1. This dog decided to gather some fame by going to the police department while his owner was sleeping.

2. This dog interrupted some Turkish soccer players by stealing their ball.

3. “I invited my dog’s best friend over so they could keep each other company while I was at work. They had a great time.”

4. “How do you like my new parrot?”

5. “My husband and I were traveling with our baby, cat, and dog. We stopped at a hotel for the night to get some rest, and I couldn’t find my dog. I looked around and saw this:”

6. “She stole my juice.”

7. “Our dog’s new favorite toy is the knit blanket I spent over 2 weeks making.”

8. Coming home to your dog giving you a mini heart attack.

9. “Recently, I came home and my dog didn’t meet me for some reason. I heard some weird sounds, went to my bedroom, and saw this:”

Raising a dog the right way is really important. The dog is a reflection of its owner. If the owner is lazy and careless, the dog is going to be ill-mannered and chaotic. There are also no such things as “aggressive breeds.” I’ve raised plenty of Pitbulls till today, and all of them were absolute sweethearts. It only depends on you.

10. “A month ago, we found a half of a pie in this bush. So every day until the end of time we must closely inspect the Magic Pie Bush.”

11. Coming home to surprises by your dogs.

12. “Is anyone else’s dog able to bend metal?”

13. “I woke up at night and went to my kitchen. A second after I opened the fridge, my dog was standing near me. He hadn’t even opened his eyes, but was already asking for some food.”

14. “While I was in the kitchen, my dog got into my rabbit’s cage and couldn’t get out of it without my help.”

15. Caught red-handed.

16. “While I wasn’t at home, he destroyed his sleeping cushion.”

17. “He tears apart everything he can find. And this is just a small part of his destructive career.”

18. His new toy.

Is your dog a good boy? Have they ever caused trouble like this? Let us know your stories in the comments below!

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