Loving Corgi Gives Out Hugs To Every Dog He Sees

Loving Corgi Gives Out Hugs To Every Dog He Sees

  • By Hashir
  • 9 months ago
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Dogs are generally very loving and sweet. They have a huge heart placed in a small body that is big enough to fit in all the people they cherish. On top of that, they usually have a large number of friends that value them too. Dogs are extroverts and enjoy socializing. You’ll almost always see dogs hanging out in groups rather than walking solo. Dogs are on another level of making friends and spreading love.

We recently came across the cutest corgi ever. Don’t go on the size of the corgi tho, just look at its heart. Owner Noah Raminick shared some heart-warming details about his little furry buddy Wallace the corgi. Wallace is only one-year-old and he has already made a lot of friends just by showering everyone around him with unconditional love. Wallace enjoys going on walks and on his way he gives out hugs to every dog he sees. Scroll down to see the wholesome photos of Wallace giving out hugs and spreading love.

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Meet Wallace, the boy with a big heart.

He doesn’t shy away from any dog, no matter how big in size.

It’s fair to say that he was born to spread love since he has a heart-shaped nose!

Wallace’s middle name is Casanova and this name was given to him due to his heart shaped nose. Who knew the nose was just a sign of his true personality? He’s such a sweet little lovey-dovey. In an interview with The Dodo, Noah Raminick said:

“He first hugged his friend Charlie and we were blown away. They were hugging and kissing. Then he did it to a few other dogs he knows well and we realized it was a ‘thing.” His favorite things are morning and evening cuddles, playing fetch, and me chasing him around the house,”

Wallace is very gentle with other dogs. He can tell who wants a hug and who doesn’t.

Size and breed do not matter for Wallace. That’s why he also has a Great Dane best friend.

Here’s the cutest corgi hugging his dad.

Just look at the happy face with love in his eyes.

In these trying times where everyone is feeling lost and hopeless, this little corgi brings love and life to all hearts he touches. We love Wallace and it seems like you guys do as well. Here are some comments from people, scroll down and read what they have to say.

He’s a total gem.

We love it too.

He must be the exact opposite of Wallace.

Wallace the corgi is no ordinary dog, he’s definitely super precious. Every dog is different and this one just won our hearts. What do you guys think of this cutie pie? Let us know in the comments below.

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