How You Sleep With Your Pet Shows Your Relationship Is With Them

  • By Sara
  • October 8, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

All of us have different bonds with our pets.

Some people treat their pets as equals. They consider them family and love them as if they are their own blood. I’m one of those people. I snuggle up with my cat for emotional support and she understands when I need it. So we can say that we are pretty close to each other. Our bond is strong. However, some people keep a distance with their pets. They make sure their boundaries are clear with the pet, and to them it is a clear human-pet relationship.

As per recent research, the way we sleep with our pets explains a lot about our relationship with them. Yes, these two things are inter-linked. So, if you want to know more about your bond with your fur baby, scroll down below to learn about these different sleeping positions:

via: Devourable

1. Sleeping on your chest.

This indicates a very strong emotional bond between you two. The pet finds comfort in hearing you breathe while you sleep. They want to stay physically close to you.

2. On/Around your face.

If your pet sleeps on your face, you need to improve your relationship with them. Your cat’s purring might seem calming before you sleep but their fur might suffocate you later.

3. Side by side.

You both treat each other as equals. No one is superior, and they are your true partner.

4. Cuddled up.

This indicates a lot of love between you both. Your pet loves expressing their affection towards you.

5. Near your feet.

Your pet loves looking after you. They want to protect you while you sleep and warm your feet up at night.

6. Piled up.

If you have a lot of pets, and they pile up on you while they sleep, they consider you family. Like puppies sleep piled up next to their mother, they consider you their mother if they do that. It also indicates a lot of trust and a very strong relationship.

7. Sprawled out.

Your pet is the alpha if they hoard most of the bed when they sleep. It is a “This is my space” kind of attitude. They own the space, and they feel superior.

8. Spooning.

It is a very comfortable position, and once again, you both are equals. There is respect and understanding between you both.

9. Under the covers.

This is more of a friendly behaviour from the pet’s side. It indicates that you both have a fun-filled relationship.

10. Between your partner.

There are two possibilities when it comes to this. Either your pet loves you both equally and wants the same attention from both of you, or they feel a little jealous from your partner. It’s your job to figure out which is the case.

How do you sleep with your pet? Share your thoughts about these explanations with us in the comments below.

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