Cute Animals To Complete Your Daily Dose Of Wholesomeness

Cute Animals To Complete Your Daily Dose Of Wholesomeness

Oh no! Looks like someone’s feeling under the weather again. Tell us, what do you do about it? When you’re sick and don’t feel like doing anything but laying in bed. Maybe have some snacks by your side, aimlessly browse through the internet, and call it a day. But what happens when you’re really sick? Visit the doctor and get a prescription? Yep, that is what most of us would do.

But that only happens when we’ve had enough of being sick. We don’t unnecessarily visit the doctor when we have other things that don’t even take a second of our time…we know you’re curious to know. Alright we’ll tell ya. We’re talking about animals. All sorts of cute animals today. No, you don’t need to have all sorts of real animals around you to feel better. That would just be a lot of work to do and we’re focusing on making you feel better right now. So don’t worry, we’ve gathered all the cutest animal moments that we’d like you to add to your daily animal dose. A small dose of joy can go a long way. So here it is!

Scroll below if you’re in need of some cute dose of animals that would definitely brighten up your mood and day. Don’t wanna go popping pills after that.

1. “A family portrait”

via u/oldcowdisease

From tallest to shortest, all looking dapper!

2. “We meowed at him and this was his reaction.”

via u/kobraed

‘Hey hooman, you’re allowed to say the F-word?’

3. “Bunny birb”

Do you know what is this bird’s favorite dance style? Hip-Hop. Geddit?

4. “17-½ year old (then) Canadian Black Wolf. Absolutely adorable sweetheart. Her name is Madadh.”

via u/Romeo_Wolf

Happens when you’re about to take a nice couple picture and dog feels left out.

5. “Foxes have the cutest smiles!”

via u/TheBrightRadiance

Us, when our stomachs are full.

6. “8 little hedgehogs found themselves a new mom.”

Is it just us or do you hear the ‘Mom Mom Mom Mommy Mom…’ too? You know you do. 

7. “Let me go huumaaan! I am the darkness!”

via u/Starkf_

It’s okay little one. You’ll get the hang of it.

8. “An adorable lil birb enjoying their own custom made shower”

Via u/unnaturalorder

They forgot the shower curtains!!!

Aren’t these SO cuteee!!! We’re feeling a lot better..for you. But are you? Not fully? That’s okay because we’re not done yet. We’ve got a lot more for you to see. Hopefully, THAT will make you feel good..or the best actually. You might have to keep scrolling for that.

9. “He’s so proud of his artwork”

via u/Suprovation

When your little sibling comes home with something he made at school and gets praised. We can sense some similarity. 

10. “Rats can be cute too! Here’s Porcini, a 4 month old female fancy rat.”

via u/mariapage

This female rat’s gonna show how to do them 10 push ups.

11. “Cute baby bunnies think the Golden retriever is their mother “

Cute baby bunnies think the Golden retriever is their mother 🥺🐶🐇🐇🐇🐇 from aww

Oh, our hearts!

12. “My dog loves finding strings for the kitten to play with. He’s the sweetest boy!”

When the dog doesn’t want a cat at first but can’t leave it alone now. C U T E

13. “Kitty sinking into a very comfy pillow”

Boy: ‘Honey, where’s the cat?’ Girl: ‘It’s in the pillow’ Boy: ‘Where? I can’t-…oh’

14. “Girlfriend’s family just brought home this furball. I love him already”

This little nugget is precious.

15. “Otter teaches human how to pet him.”

Teach us your ways, oh master!

16. “Bathing is the best part of my day”

A nice bath and glass of wine, please!

Haha, the best dose we’ve ever had in awhile. Don’t think we need anything else. Vitamin A, B, C, or D, whaaaat? No way, we’ve got our little buddies to make us feel better. What do you think? Feeling better already? Share your thoughts in the comments below to let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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