18 Hilarious Pet Pics That Will Restore Your Faith in Comedy

  • By Saif
  • September 29, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Having a pet is the biggest blessing ever! For all those who have them, should always be grateful and realize how lucky they are. And for those who can’t have them for various reasons, we hope things work out for you so you can experience this blessing as well! Pets never let a day pass by which would seem dull to us! They tirelessly and effortlessly fill our days with happiness and brightness!

As you might have already read the title of this post, we are going to talk about the real comedians- our pets! They are such drama queens and silly creatures that we can not stop laughing when around them. Because they are always engaged in doing something stupid to gain and retain our attention! These fools don’t realize that our attention is only theirs anyway! But it’s adorable looking at them trying to capture it. What would we do without these funny, idiotic creatures?

So we have collected some pictures of pets being absolute clowns and we are warning y’all it’s too funny and adorable! Don’t believe us? Scroll down and check them out yourself! Proceed with caution!

1. Look at this kitty pretending to be dead for extra attention! LOL

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“When you think the villain is dead at the end of the movie.” (Plot twist: They aren’t!)

2. We are speechless and laughing at the same time!

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We didn’t know we needed to see this until now!

3. It took us 10 minutes to realize that there are two kitties in this picture! Seems like this kitty doesn’t want the divided attention!

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“Other cat? Haven’t seen him. You better keep putting out 2 food dishes in case he comes back.”

4. How we sleep knowing our life is a mess!

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“After flashing across the cosmos at speeds ranging from 25,000 mph to 160,000 mph, Meteor cat has landed — and promptly fallen asleep.”

5. Moral of the story: Don’t trigger this patient kitty’s anger!

cat screaming at air conditioner
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“The only time in his seven year life he has ever hissed. The moment he had no choice but to tell the air conditioner in no uncertain terms that it could go heck itself.”

6. The only art that is appreciable in this Modern Art times!

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We will have to say the artist is more of art himself!

7. Now this kitty had some ambitions. She achieved them unlike most of us!

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“These tracks are side by side, sand cats always ride single file to hide their numbers.”

8. We’d be screaming and running for the door, naked!

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“I recently adopted 3 black kittens. Aren’t they just precious?” ???? ???? ????

9. The prophecy of the cat that will steal our hearts has come true!

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“Look to my coming at first light. On the fifth day, at dawn, look to the East.”

Don’t come at us if you can’t stop laughing, we warned you that they are too hilarious! But no this is not the end because we have more clowns in stock for you! If you thought this was funny, scroll down to be proven wrong!

10. This kitty seems ready to place all the blame on its hooman!

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“Lotta smoke coming off of those wings.”

11. Such a tragedy for a doggo that good-looking!

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“Cruelly robbed of his processing power, this tragic dog has only a very low resolution, with sharp edges and easily visible pixels.”

12. This doggo saw this picture and next he was seen sitting like that on every sofa, forever!

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Our favourite picture among the two is of the cuddly furry doggo!

13. This doggo is heartbroken. It has seen enough of hooman’s disloyalty!

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She’ll never forget this slight: “I shooshed Lilly during my zoom lecture. This is the side-eye she gave me the rest of my class ????”

14. Somebody answer this kitty’s questions or she’ll remain sad!

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That pain in her eyes!

15. We have some questions but most importantly where to get this Mountain Dew?!

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Mountain Dew meets mountain don’t: Too much caffeine for kitteh.

16. “Why they keep putting papers in my home? Can’t you see this place is already filled with me?”

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“Our mailbox is built in to our enclosed porch, and is the perfect height for our dog to greet you! ????”

17. Those puppy eyes! We would do anything if our doggo looked at us like that! Even go for a run (ew)!

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“Q: how do you get out and run on days you don’t want to?
A: Train a dog to look at you like this when you put your running shoes on”

18. This kitty literally gave birth to itself! Those expressions are so similar, we are SHOOK

via source

“Sometimes we don’t need to do a DNA test ????❤????”

We had to end this post because all the laughter triggered our asthma and we just couldn’t breathe! These pets are the culprits of almost killing us! Hopefully, y’all didn’t laugh that loud or hard but if you did we don’t blame you! These clowns are absolutely comedy kings and queens! They should be given more credit and get more recognition for their talent apart from social media sites! If your pets are comedians as well, share their star moments with us in the comment section below! We are eagerly waiting! Don’t forget to share this with your family and friends, because we all deserve to laugh at such times!

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