30 Dog Owners Shared Hilarious Photos Of Their 'Broken Dogs'

30 Dog Owners Shared Hilarious Photos Of Their ‘Broken Dogs’

  • By Saif
  • January 7, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Dog owners, are you wondering whether your dog is normal or not? This one’s for you!

Dogs are without a doubt, one of the biggest blessings in our lives. We simply cannot imagine ourselves being without our adorable little puppers. They would always have our back and would do anything to cheer us up whenever we are having a bad day. In some instances, we can predict the behaviour patterns of our furry little babies but there are certain times when we would be forced to question ourselves whether our dog is the only one who does that kind of weird stuff? “What’s wrong with my dog challenge” is all about observing weird behaviours of our puppers.

It depicts the expressions a dog would show in certain situations based upon their emotional state. Some would think that their dogs are behaving in a very weird way than they should but let us assure you, they are only behaving in their natural way and nothing else. People all around the world decided to share pictures of their charming puppers behaving differently in certain situations and it’s truly an adorable sight! Are you ready to have your hearts captured? Let’s scroll down below!

1. Let’s start with this gorgeous pupper but wait… those are two different dogs, right?

Isn’t it amazing how expressions can totally change the way you look? Hey, we still love you!

2. Oh my! What a cutie but is that even for real? Look at the difference when the pupper got covered in the mud.

3. She’s a very adorable doggo but for some reason, she always has that expression as if she’s really disappointed with us.

4. Still better than sitting at home, isn’t it?

5. This one loves collecting balls!

Tennis balls, we are talking about tennis balls!

6. No that is not a disease, he’s just covered in snow.

7. Who said a dog can’t eat while standing in the stairs? Not everything’s weird, okay hooman?

8. “I just thought this place was pretty empty and I should fill it up!”

9. “Excuse me sir, is my food ready yet?”

10. “I can’t feel my…what the hell did you do to me, hooman!?”

The moment he realized he got neutered…

11. “What you lookin’ at, hooman?”

12. My neighbour’s dog loves staring out the window.

13. Got a new bed for my dog and he decided to sleep on it like…

14. When you are trying to work and your dog wants all your attention…

15. This one loves admiring the nature…

But wait… how is he sitting…?

We are halfway through and we hope you are not being weirded out by these hilarious yet cute expressions and behaviours of our little puppers! And yet you thought your dog is the only one who acts all weird, right? There’s more in the store for you, keep on scrollin’ until the end, peeps!

16. Well, this dog has been watching a lot of gymnastic videos on youtube.

17. Me while watching a horror movie…

18. “Hooman, I think I messed up. Can you help me here?”

19. “What do you mean the way I’m sitting is weird, hooman? You are weird.”

20. “Why do we have a tree inside the house, hooman?”

“Isn’t this supposed to be outside?”

21. Okay, this picture cannot be explained.

22. It’s her first night in the hotel and she’s not really liking it.

23. Someone’s happy!

24. Imagine coming home to this one… All hail the satan!

25. I had a dog… now I have an ostrich too.

Or maybe he’s just too shy?

26. Woah, I’d shat my pants for sure! A dog which can turn into a tarantula as well!? Damn…

27. This one saw something which he wasn’t supposed to see.

28. This one looks high.

29. Waiting for her food.

30. Nice little teef you got there.

“Toof toof”

Okay, so that’s all for now and we hope that you enjoyed every bit of this amazing challenge, didn’t you? Do you think that you can relate to any of these situations? If you do, let us know into the comments section below and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family!

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