25+ Dogs Who Have Aced The Art Of Hiding

25+ Dogs Who Have Aced The Art Of Hiding

Dogs have been our loyal companions for centuries now. We’ve, us humans and doggos, evolved together and over time we have learnt a thing or two about growing old together. During this time, we have picked up a few tips and tricks that really make us unique in our own way. Doggos have adapted various skills over this time that really made them one of the greatest pets to have. They keep you safe, protected, healthy, happy and are even therapeutic. They are also one of the easiest animals to train. However, what we couldn’t teach them is how to hide in plain sight! That, they learnt on their own.

You really thought we were going somewhere else with this article, didn’t you? Well, Nope! We are going to be talking about how these silly creatures absolutely fail at hide and seek yet excel at camouflage. Or should we say – canine-o-flage. They really blend in well with the nature and are genuinely hard to spot. But if it ever comes to the point where they have to hide, they would just hide behind a thin pole and close their eyes. Yep, we totally cannot see you, doggo!

If you have never experienced this before, we present to you the #HiddenDogChallenge. Scroll down to check out some of the most difficult of puzzles – spot the doggo and read more about this challenge!

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1. Starting with the hardest one of all;

Via  Michelle Mabarak Steiner 

No idea where the doggo is!

2. If I close my eyes, you won’t be able to see me, right?

Via  Laura Gibbs 

Clearly this mommy to be is trying her best to stay out of sight!

3. Alright, that took us a minute.

Via  Melanie Loyley 

But we have finally found the doggo, have you?

4. Is it a plant?

Via  Krystal Padden 

That’s a strange kinda plant.

5. Try harder…

Via  Troy Donaho 

That doesn’t seem like a very comfy spot.

6. Is there even a dog in this picture?

Via  Mindy Hardy Adams 

Nevermind, found it.

7. There ain’t no dog here,

Via  Kristen Muir 

It’s just a fluffy bed.

8. It’s a new kind of chair.

Via  Katelynn Buda 

We don’t care about the other doggos comfort.

9. When you want attention from bae

Via  Jesslin Ortega 

But bae only wants to keep playing games…

10. We totally did not spend 10 minutes staring at this picture.

Via  Patricia McCarthy 

And we totally succeeded. We know where the dog is, do you? Comment down below. Not because we need your help… haha.. no… umm.. it’s just so we can test you. We know where the dog is. PFT!

11. There is only one dog in this picture.

Via  Alanna John 

No more than that. The tail is just a new kind of curtain.

12. This is a never ending shelf picture.

Via  Katherine Cone 

And hidden amongst this treasure, is a very leedul doggo.

13. What dog?

Via  Mindy Halsey-James 

This a ghost. Boo.

14. They are all just fluffy little stuffed toys.

Via  Mel Ody 

Don’t know why someone would say there is a dog here. Clearly there are none!

15. Again, this is just a curtain.

Via  Clarisse 

Nothing to see here.

16. But like… how did it get in there?

Via  Leslie Swales 

Are we even sure that it’s a dog?

17. I spy with my little eyes…

Via  Jessica Vidales 

Okay nvm, I spy nothing. Where is the gosh darn doggo??!

18. The perfect blend of colors.

Via  Stacey Akin 

Super cozy and super cute.

19. Is it too weird that I want to give cuddles to this doggo who is just trying his best?!

Via  Andi M. Johnson 

It’s okay doggo. We all believe you’re great at hiding

20. 3..2..1..

Via  Vanessa Ryan 

And voila!

21. BOINK!

Via  Tuyen Michelle Vo 

Genuinely want to know if this doggo digged it all by itself.

22. Boop the nosie.

Via  David Scott 

Must resist!

23. You really need to try hard!

Via  Bryson Leggitt 

This one is a bit tricky.


Via  Harley Greco 

Just wanted to add this to warm up your hearts. Please continue.

25. Bet you won’t be able the find the doggo.

Via  Brianna Bodin 

Just enough to see the world.

We have all heard and tried to do the ‘where’s waldo’ challenge. But long gone is the time where we spend anymore time on spotting waldo. Now, our main focus is spotting doggos. In fact, around 1.1 million people who are a member of Dogspotting Society on Facebook have taken this up as a hobby. I think we can safely conclude that this is our favorite thing to do. Scroll down to check out more of these amazing doggos hidden away. And try your best to spot them. We suggest you don’t look at comments for clues 😉

26. And here we have a new breed of dog.

Via  Melissa Budetti Murphy 

The curtain dog.

27. Can’t quite figure this out yet.

Via  Erin Binx 

Just give us like… an hour. Or eight.

28. Peek-a-boo

Via  Natashia Saurey 

Please do not step on the doggo.

29. Peeking through.

Via  Ashley McAlpin 

Spying on you. Are you eating food without me?

30. Buried under the socks.

Via  Alyssa Ann Brose 

All we see are the eyes!

31. It took the owner 20 minutes to find the doggo,

Via  Nadia Arabella 

We are ashamed to admit it took us more than an hour.

32. I want to be as comfy as this doggo is,

Via  Sonia Rankin 

And also wanna be buried under the pillows.

33. The perfect picture doesn’t exis…

Via  Jazmyn Beattie 

Spoke too soon.

34. Ready or not, here I come.

Via  Kym Hoversten Ohnå 

Totally hidden away.

35. Water the plants and water the doggo.

Via  Alexander Buffery 

How do we get the doggo out tho?

36. Stop looking at the camera, hooman.

Via  Kelly Hicks 

Eyes on the freakin’ road.

37. Hidden or sleepy?

Via  Ariel Belen 

Or is it general grievous?!

38. Out of sight, out of mind.

Via  Tammy D James 

Not sure if the doggo is trying to hide or just trying to look at the other side of the chair.

39. Must stay close to my stuffed toys.

Via  Mae Dingal 

Even if my hooman cannot spot me

40. If I got locked away,

Via  Katie L Tankesly 

Would you still come and find me?

41. Alright, at first I thought it was something else,

Via  Jennifer Los 

But we don’t need to talk about that. Moving one.

42. Another one with lots of doggos.

Via  Vanessa Ryan 

Heart eyes!!!

43. You might think it’s easy to spot,

Via  Rachel Ann 

But trust me, that’s not the doggo.

44. Oh, hi there hooman.

Via  Katherine Tavolieri 

Just wanted to be in the dark for a few.

45. Nope, not even gonna try.

Via  Genevieve Hills 

Not even for a second.

46. This is a safe spot.

Via  Cassandra Whittington 

Please leave me alone, hooman.

47. We see a chicken, rabbit, cat, chicks,

Via  Megan Elizabeth VandenBosch 

But we do not see a dog?!!?!

48. Awwiee!

Via  Hannah Mcgarrie 

You’re totally hidden, cutie.

49. All that work,

Via  Chloe Shih Tzu Morrison 

And the reward is peace.

50. Nope.

Via  Alix Brewster 

No dogs here.

We told you these will be hard to do! To be honest, even we couldn’t spot some of these doggos. We might’ve taken hint here and there but shh, let’s just not disclose that! It was just very hard to see them. And it’s not cheating if it’s done out of love, right? No? Okay, oopsie. Guess we’ve made a mistake!

Anyways, we know you enjoyed it because you have made it till the end and were probably hoping for more. Don’t worry, we have got your back. We will come up with more of these and all you have to do is let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to mention which one was your favorite!

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