Some Heckin' Good Boy Doggo Memes To Boost Your Serotonin Levels

Some Heckin’ Good Boy Doggo Memes To Boost Your Serotonin Levels

  • By Saif
  • April 7, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Did you know Dogs have a sense of time?

According to a study, it has been proven that our puppers are completely aware of the difference between an hour and five. Not just that, they can even predict future events such as regular walk times! Yep, let that sink in because they are one of the smartest creatures to exist. Also, we thought to let you learn some interesting facts about dogs before we jump onto our today’s doggo memes.

We cannot even imagine our lives without these precious puppers as they would always stand by our side through thick and thin. Some people would even say that their dogs are better than humans which is something undeniable. Humans are getting selfish and mean with every passing day and would always want something in return but our dogs, they would even give away their lives to protect you without asking for anything in return except for some love and respect which they truly deserve!

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump on to the dog memes that we have collected for you today. So, let’s scroll down to begin;

1. When your dog is muscular AF! You do as he says.

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

2. “It doesn’t come with instructions hooman!”

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

3. That expression though!

Via dazedfox

4. Don’t we just love Chihuahua’s?

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

5. Every. Single. Time.

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

6. HAHA! That’s hilarious AF!

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

7. Yep, and the council is also ready to bite your ass!

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

8. “How do we use this, hooman?”

Via @ok_girlfriend

9. Dog on the top right seems like he know some moves!

Via @thegallowboob

10. Me* Also, when that guilt kicks in…

Via cassowarykween

11. “Sure… I mean idk what to do but sure.”

Via @girlsthinkimfunn

12. “You gotta change yourself man. What’s up with you?”

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

13. Yep, that face makes us weak in the knees! Doesn’t it?

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

Did you know that as per a research, your doggo can literally get jealous if they would see you displaying affection to some another animal? Yep, those looks that you get are legitimately due the fact that they are being jealous! How cute, isn’t it? Let’s get back to our dog memes now!

14. “Stoopid hooman is just listening to some music and he expects us to think he’s on the phone. Who talks with the headphones on? It’s for music!”

Via yesbothways

15. Take me to this hospital RN!

Via @ShariDunawayMD

16. When you can relate your personality with a dog.

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

17. “Why are you making me hold this sign, hooman? What’s free? The house?”

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

18. My future be like…

Via @_youhadonejob1

19. “They are never gonna know. I’m just gonna enjoy the fight.”

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

20. Awww… I want a candy from rosco too!

Via @GrooverKyler

21. Priorities!

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

22. “I bought food for us, hooman!”

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

23. I’m definitely following that dog!

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

24. But you’ll still get hired anyone cause you cute AF!

Via inyourfacespacecoyote

25. Ferocious and good looking pups!

Via @smittynibs

26. “Pssh, hooman! TF are you even doing? Get me out!”

Via @UncleDuke1969

And our hilarious session of doggo memes comes to an end! We hope you enjoyed every bit of it while having a good laugh. Also, we’d love to know which one of these dog memes made you laugh the most? Let us know into the comments section below.

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