23 Heartwarming Photos Of Dogs & Cats That Show How Pets Make Our Lives Better

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  • July 20, 2020
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There are two kinds of people in the world, animal lovers, and psychopaths. Whether you’re a cat person or not, or whether you like dogs or snakes, none of that matters since we’re all in the same kind of agreement. Animals are good for the world, and good for the soul. And for anyone who has any disagreements of the sort, we have images to prove otherwise. Collected from around the internet, these are animals, both cat, dog, and everything in between, with wholesomeness ingrained into them.

As someone who’s lived a life with both a pet, and without a pet, I can tell you with calm assurance that it is, without a doubt, one of the most lifechanging events that you can ever experience. Having a pet dog, or cat, or whatever have you, is being responsible for a life other than your own. Even as a child, that’s something you can appreciate and value. In fact, it’s probably one of the most reliable ways to teach your child the sanctity of life.

#1 “My boyfriend never had a dog before.”

MindFood did a fun little paper on this!

Most people have a pet at some point during their lifetime. Whether it’s a cat, dog, fish, rabbit or otherwise, pets bring laughter and companionship that greatly enhances our happiness and adds meaning to our lives. A 2015 Harris poll found that 95% of pet owners thought of their animals as members of the family, showing the extent of their value.

#2 “I had a bad day today. My cat did this when I sat down on the couch. She sat like this for a solid 10 minutes just looking at me.”

#3 “This is Sandy. She’s almost 13 years old, and she’s been with me since the day she was born. We’ve been inseparable from day 1.”

#4 “My dogs were separated for 2 years due to a divorce. My ex agreed today that I can keep my 9-year-old boy!”

#5 “My dad dressed ’the dog he didn’t want’ in my childhood dress he kept for his first granddaughter.”

#6 “My best friend is here for a visit. She’s pregnant, and my kitty is very interested in her baby bump. He likes to sit with his paws resting on it.”

But they also do more than this. Pets promote both mental and physical health that can significantly improve our lives. People with pets typically have lower heart rates and blood pressure than those without; a result of the additional movement owning a pet requires and the stress relief their company provides.

#7 “My 70-lb pitbull thinks she’s a lapdog.”

#8 “Our newest rescue is afraid of men so my husband put a blanket down for her to choose when to approach. She laid by him and used his head as a pillow.”

#9 “Here’s a smile from Sadie, the 15-year-old corgi.”

Furthermore, pets can improve a range of mental health conditions, from anxiety and loneliness to depression and low self-esteem. Alan Beck, director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University, says pet therapy could be a key form of treatment in the future. “It used to be one of the great no-no’s to think of an animal in a hospital,” Time reports. “Now, I don’t know of any major children’s hospital that doesn’t have at least some kind of animal program.”

#10 “My boyfriend is comforting our cat that had a rough day.”

#11 “My Irish wolfhound sitting on Grandma’s lap. He has no idea how big he is.”

#12 “The warmest spot she could find”

#13 “My exhausted daughter fell asleep. Her kitten decided to join her.”

#14 “My sister adopted a blind cat, and he’s the sweetest cat I’ve met!”

#15 “We welcomed our first born 5 days ago. Our dog has been on watch ever since. He cried and she immediately went to make sure everything was OK and stayed until he fell back asleep.”

While research is still fairly limited, Beck says the number of studies that do exist all point in the same direction – that pets are proven to benefit mental and physical health and could have a place in medicine and wellbeing. “The data is strong,” Beck says. “If you look at what animals do for people and how we interact with them, it’s not surprising at all.”

#16 “My cat likes to ride sitting on my shoulder, hanging and purring. Perfect.”

#17 Look at the way she looks at her.

#18 “The cat always feels this way when my husband is about to come home. A minute before he comes in, he sits in front of the door and waits.”

#19 “Bruce is finally cancer-free!”

#20 They’re sharing a train ride.

#21 “7 years ago today I adopted this Chihuahua-Corgi mix that was $16 because no one else wanted him. He’s old and grey now but is still my best decision ever.”

#22 “Apparently cats don’t smile. But this little rascal looks pretty happy to me.”

#23 “My husband comforting our kitten at the vet”

What about you? Do you have a pet that’s changed your life? Tell us down in the comments!

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