22 Grumpy Pets In Christmas Costumes

22 Grumpy Pets In Christmas Costumes

  • By Sara
  • 1 month ago
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It’s the Christmas season again and you’ll feel a lot of happy vibes around you.

Christmas holidays mean celebrations, family time, food, and decorations. Most people love this time of the year and you can clearly see it on their faces. If you have a pet, you know that your pet usually celebrates or mourns with you. If you’re in a bad mood, they will seem down too. And if you are happy, your pet will celebrate with you. However, some pets control their own moods and don’t get influenced by human emotions. Some pets aren’t happy when it is time for Christmas, some are indifferent, and some look like they just plain hate Christmas.

Animals look really adorable in costumes but they hate it most of the time. They are probably uncomfortable and feel silly and want the costumes to be taken off. These pets really aren’t in the Christmas spirit and you can clearly tell that by their faces. Well, we can’t force them to be happy but they look cute even in a foul mood. Scroll down below to see 22 grumpy pets in Christmas costumes:

1. She isn’t a big fan of hair clips.

2. Don’t take pictures of me!

3. I will murder you, human.

4. I can hear this picture.

5. This baby just seems sad.

6. Am I supposed to pose in this?

7. He seems tired.

8. Come give this angry baby a hug!

9. He is not amused at all.

10. Really? Candy cane? Give me some tuna!

11. Wait till I get a hold of you later.

Wow, these animals look so angry, intimidating, grumpy, and adorable at the same time. How is that even possible? Pets really do make you go through a lot of emotions but no matter what they do or how they look, you still love them a lot. Even though these pets are making hilariously grumpy faces, they look very cute in their little costumes. Scroll down below for more grumpy babies in costumes:

12. Giving me the death glare.

13. Take these off me first.

14. What did you just place on my head?!

15. Even grumpy cat was celebrating with his cute Christmas hat.

16. Puppy dog eyes.

17. Those are some really angry cats.

18. Count your days.

19. If the humans embarrass us, we embarrass them.

20. At least she won’t feel cold in this.

21. Serious face.

22. Get this thing out of my way, human!

Do your pets get grumpy when they wear costumes? Share their pictures with us in the comments below!

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