40 Images That Prove Golden Retriever Puppies Are The Cutest

40 Images That Prove Golden Retriever Puppies Are The Cutest

  • By Malaika
  • June 14, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Still, thinking of which dog to adopt?

Well, how about an adorable little golden retriever puppy? Now, I am not saying golden retrievers are the best because I believe all dogs are the best but even you can admit, golden retrievers are usually the friendliest when it comes to pets. So if you were thinking of getting a dog to curb your loneliness during these hard times, a golden retriever might be the one for you.

If you’re still not convinced, these photographs are bound to do that. In no time you’ll be driving to the shelter to adopt a puppy that will capture your heart and never let go. I know that sounds quite dramatized but is actually very true. Just ask any dog owner and they will tell you. There is a reason dogs have been dubbed ‘mans best friend’.

So scroll on below and take a look at some of the cutest pictures of golden retriever puppies.

#1 Napping in my dad’s arms is the best!

Via staygoldenrustyboy

#2 I won’t get up from this position until you give me a belly rub!

Via hunt4itt

My Golden Retriever Puppy named ‘Kaycee’ who wanted my attention so bad while doing dishes.

#3 All I see is a bunny with helicopter ears.

Via spunkster40

#4 Just look at the smile on Humphrey!

Via Dawngeon

Humphrey is such a happy name lol. -SJ

#5 He is such a messy little boy.

Via retrieverpuppies

Clean up on Isle 3. -John L

#6 There is no better time to nap than the present.

Via lampcow24

#7 ‘Wanna play with me?’

Via revenio86

Our 4 month Golden Retriver puppy first encounter with a cat (3 month old).

#8 ‘How is my smile now Hooman?’

Via Molly Moore

#9 ‘Just give me your socks!’

Via timbergoldenboy

Pretty pwease can I have your sock dad? I promise I will give it back…maybe not in one piece.

#10 That little snout is stuck.

Via pupper_tees

#11 That yellow coat really suits him.

Via 21361

Henry, my Golden retriever puppy wearing his little yellow raincoat sitting in the rain.

#12 Such a dirty doggo. He definitely needs a bath.

Via charliebellethegolden

#13 Who’s a good boy?

Via gatsbythegolden_

Let’s see… If x=y[3÷π]+(2/3)…carry the one…*gasp* it’s me! I’m the good boy. -jacluckycat

#14 ‘I’m tired, carry me.’

Via gatsbythegolden_

#15 Colby is the cutest.

Via cheesepups

#16 Ready for nap time.

Via jadeandhergoldens

Is that the Easter bunny?! Nope! Just a puppy Soy.

#17 The love of a parent.

Via kylothegolden

#18 The bush is ruined but at least he is happy.

Via Quiksilver737

That’s funny. My Aussie pup did the same thing! When you have a puppy, you really cannot have too much emotional attachment to plants…or clothes…or books…or shoes…or irrigation lines or…. -Izzy’s Maid

#19 ‘Ah the sink is all cool and nice.’

Via flashftw

#20 Only 2 weeks old and so precious.

Via Rūta

#21 Is that a corgi I spy with my little eyes?

Via fantasticprinter

#22 ‘When did the hoomans get another pup?’

Via goosethegolden

#23 A very fluffy dog pile.

Via R. Scott Duncan

I wonder how many are in there.

#24 The other one doesn’t look as excited.

Via amigalcrump

You’re so frikkin’ heavy – I can’t breathe!! -xpurinx

#25 Frank doesn’t seem very tired.

Via Max Wheeler

I no like naps. Needs more plays. -Hamlets twin

#26 That smile can melt anyone’s heart.

Via feed_me_please

Our new Golden Retriever puppy smiles for the camera!

#27 Movie night or nap time?

Via golden_girl_stella

Made it through the first 5 min of movie night.

#28 ‘Is that all for me?’

Via michellegotmarried

#29 I’m just stretching.

Via gatsbythegolden_

Someone is about to have torn shoes. -TC

#30 ‘Now I get why hoomans like Starbucks so much.’

Via golden_girl_stella_

#31 The little munchkin looks a bit annoyed.

Via Sapphire Dream Photography

Don’t tell him he can’t be on your laps once he grows up… -TC

#32 Another pup got a forever home.

Via jwiggs152

Been begging the wife to let us get a puppy to grow up with our 5 month old daughter she has been completely against it until today.. everyone say hello to Presley our new 8 week old English golden retriever.

#33 On the hunt.

Via Davide Andreassi

#34 A very classy doggo.

Via golden_girl_stella_

#35 Just chilling.

Via ocdrummer47

There’s nothing to do! I don’t wanna play with my toys…. I don’t wanna go outside… it’s too hot…I’m so bored!!!! Mom!!!!!! -Friedlander Rosenzweig

#36 I hope so as well.

Via cuddlesomecody

Hey fwends! Starting to lose my teeth. Do they have a tooth fairy for dogs? I hope I get a treat under my pillow.

#37 ‘I hate puzzles!’

Via Lasse Emil Hildebrandt

#38 ‘Time to play?’

Via Josh Norem

#39 When you go to the beach for the first time.

Via limecam

Here comes sandy paws, here comes sandy paws, right down sandy paws lane. -Izzy’s Maid

#40 Nap time for a good boy.

Via thegoldenporter

I know nobody will be able to choose their favorite puppet so I won’t even ask. What I will ask is if you have a doggo of your own? And if not do you want one in the future? Comment down below and let us know.

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