Girl Tries To Sell Missing Husky On Facebook, Owner Caught Her

Girl Tries To Sell Missing Husky On Facebook, Owner Caught Her

  • By Saif
  • September 15, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Our pet animals are our most prized possessions. We would literally give any materialistic thing away in order to keep them safe and around us. Such is our love for our babies and this love is reciprocated by our baby pets. So the thought that someone might steal our pets is a frightening one. Or worse sell them away to another family. These horrific events happened to a couple, our hearts go out to them for going through such a traumatic time of losing their pet baby.

A woman who had just lost a husky dog named, Sansa with her boyfriend, took the help of Facebook in hopes to find their beloved baby. They posted a status on Facebook along with the picture of the precious doggo and mentioned the details that their husky has one brown eye and the other blue.

The post by Sansa’s parents regarding her missing status

Shortly after this couple’s post on Facebook, another woman posted a husky with a striking resemblance to the lost one. She, however, was selling this husky. People realized that this woman was selling the lost husky of the couple instead of returning it back to them. They called her out but she was adamant that she was doing the right thing, and like people who have nothing to say in their defence when they are caught, she brought religion into the argument that she did not steal the husky and asked Jesus to ‘help people’ for being so hateful and judgmental. But her act was not bought and the couple was informed of their dog’s whereabouts.

The thief woman’s post about selling ‘her’ husky but people were quick to call out

Following are the events that took place under her post regarding the sale of the husky. Scroll down to go through the screen-shotted arguments between this immoral woman and people fighting on the behalf of Sansa’s parents.

People got no chill as they went ALL on her- rightfully so

It warms our heart to see so many people fighting for Sansa baby!

Gordon Ramsay is the closest depiction of how we feel about this situation!

The AUDACITY of this lady is making our heads dizzy

This lady thought Jesus could save her, but honey Jesus doesn’t save liars.

Look at her denying everything!

Lord, please help this woman

Jesus card went wrong!

Decide your story, woman! It’s embarrassing

She’s basically trapping herself in lies.


Finally, someone called her what we have been wanting to call her! Disgusting..

Her own post revealed her lies!

Satisfying end.

Happiness in one post! The update we all have been waiting for! Thank God


People being brutally honest about the scam lady and what they wish for her! Ooof

Amen to all of that.

“I love God and Jesus and stealing” DAMN HAHAHA. DEAD.

How can someone steal someone’s pets? Where are their hearts?!

The cruelty of some people baffles us!

We know you are so relieved that these dog parents got their baby doggo back. Events could have turned differently if people didn’t call this insult of a human out. We don’t get how people find it in themselves to hurt somebody this way. Thinking about this happening to us give us shudders. Please, don’t steal someone’s pets or hurt them. And, if you see scammers like this lady, call them out. It can be of great help & this case is an example of that. Share it with your friends and family to warn them about such scammers!


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