20+ German Shepherds Proved That No Other Dog Breed Can Take Their Place in Our Hearts

20+ German Shepherds Proved That No Other Dog Breed Can Take Their Place in Our Hearts

  • By Saif
  • April 22, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

German Shepherd lovers, you know this one is for you!

When it comes to German Shepherds, it’s considered to be one of the most popular breeds in the entire world. It’s not just due to their macho appearance but there’s a lot more to it! German Shepherd’s are hard workers, reliable protectors and their intelligence level just stand out. They are very athletic and often can be seen in sports competitions too! It’s a German breed, obviously and it began in Germany back in 1899 and came to the US in 1907.

Although we wish that our puppers would just live with us forever through our entire lifetime, however, German Shepherds tend to live for about 10 years. Since they are extremely active puppers, they need a lot of activity and exercise. Also, if you think you can pet them randomly, don’t even THINK of that! Because they are not friendly to the people they don’t know. And if you don’t train them properly, they will end up being very overprotective about their families.

Anyways, enough with the facts, now let’s move on to the pictures that we have stored for you! Doesn’t matter whether you are a German Shepherd lover or not, we assure you that you are definitely going to enjoy looking at these pictures! Scroll down and enjoy;

1. Look at these two cuties!

2. “Can we go inside now? It’s too cold, hooman!”

via © Khonopka / Reddit

3. That STARE!

via © boldnbrashsquid / Reddit

4. Look at this big boy! He’s 7 months old only.

via © ArenaDistrict / Reddit

5. “For 6 years, I successfully convinced my better half to wait for us to settle down before we got a dog. The waiting is over. Meet Kenya.”

via © samuelhalff / Reddit

6. Look at those ears! How adorable!

via © Darkhorse18 / Reddit

7. “She’s not very fond of the basement, but she’ll watch over me while I do the laundry.”

via © daltond2 / Reddit

8. This adorable pupper weighs 50 lbs at 5 months! Isn’t that amazing?

via © windy420 / Reddit

9. “Are you trying to hide something from me, hooman?”

via © Kanona01 / Reddit

10. “I can sit like dis too!”

via © FuzzyAthena / Reddit

11. 8 weeks and at 20 weeks!

via © overconfidentlymessy / Reddit

12. “Keep us safe, doggo!”

We are only halfway through but we just can’t get enough of these pups, can we? Also, did you know that German Shepherds were used in World war 1 and World War 2? Yep, people who were serving in the military were extremely impressed by the skills these pups had! Anyways, continue scrollin’ because we have more pictures coming up ahead!

13. “What do you mean I don’t get 5 more minutes of sleep?”

via © mykanthony / Reddit

14. Check out that pose!

via © ShutTheFrontDoor__ / Reddit

15. This picture speaks a thousand words, indeed!

16. This pupper is 10 months old only but damn would you look at that size!

via © blacklagoonmacaroon / Reddit

17. “What do you mean by I ruined the pillows? Why would I do that, ma’am?”

via © PettyCash123 / Reddit

18. Majestic AF!

19. “Hooman, take a picture of me with a basket ball!”

via © BlancheDMaynard / Reddit

20. “We finally brought our girl home last night! Meet Juno.”

via © mackerel75 / Reddit

21. “Just gonna help the squirrel climb up the tree!”

via © bacim0rte / Reddit

22. Look at this one, chillin’ with her mommy!

via © Medicatedcollection / Reddit

23. “I just needed to wash my hands!”

via © ada-ada / Reddit

24. “So, how was work today, John?”

via © pgh_duddy / Reddit

And we have reached the end of the post but we bet that you enjoyed watching these German Shepherds in action! It’s truly one hell of a breed, isn’t it? We would like to know what do you like the most about German Shepherds? Feel free to write down in the comments section below.

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