Freshly Wrapped Dog Snaps For Your Daily Dose Of Doggos

  • By Saif
  • September 5, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Humans and dogs have shared a bond for centuries. And this bond is a special one, we tell ya. It’s almost like the one you share with family and friends…juuusssstt a bit more than that perhaps. A bond so strong which is based entirely on unconditional love for each other. It’s the purest it can be. And the best part is you don’t even speak dog language but you get it. You didn’t even have to learn it. You’ve probably seen them around while growing up. And yet, one look from a dog and it just hits you. And if that isn’t the cutest thing then we don’t know what is.

Sometimes, a dog is the only one that can fill the void in your empty heart. They show their love in the best ways. Whether it’s by cuddling in bed all day or just bringing you a gift from the places unknown. But it’s all good. Their love is something that should not be taken for granted. EVER! We love having them around and seeing them every day really helps us feel better. That is what we’re planning to do right now.

In these tough times, we thought it would be beneficial to just make things easy for you. So here we are, presenting some of the cutest dog snaps that can really brighten up your day. Scroll below to see how they express their love…or not. You’ll find out soon!

1. Me: ‘So how are you guys feeling?’ Dog: *woof woof* Toy: *help*

via Dogue

Now we can see why the toy needed repairs.

2. ‘You can’t see meh. Am flowers’

via Dogue

That is a beautiful bunch of flowers rightttt there. *wink*

3. The face you make when you ask for something and your parents get it…

via Dogue

Without having to ask for it a million times. Yeah, can’t relate.

4. When you go out for a walk in the park and find a pond too…

via Dogue

This dog has hit two birds with one shot.

5. Oh, dear Elsa…

via Dogue

The hair never bothered it anywayyyy.

6. Things we do to attract people’s attention.

via Dogue

All you gotta do is put up your doggo’s snap on the Snapchat or Instagram.

7. When you accidentally run into your ‘best friend’.

via Dogue

Yes. We feel you doggo.

8. Find a name that suits you…

via Dogue

He likes to chew and only speaks ‘Uuuuurrr Ahhhhrr Uhhrr Aaarrhhgg’. NICE.

9. Lily’s gorgeous AF.

via Dogue

You are truly blessed, hooman.

10. Never be ashamed of who you are!

via Dogue

Looks like this dog understands why.

11. Like mother, like daughter.

via Dogue

‘We don’t always ask for treats. But when we do, we pull this face.’ Definitely hard to resist. 

12. How I sleep knowing none of my homework is done and my life is falling apart…

via Dogue

Let’s just sleep because things are not going to get better anyway.

Oh myy! Why do they have to be so cute!? We’re in awe of their beauty and their love. But looking at these snaps, we can tell that these dogs and their owners are inseparable, just like we and these snaps are. Nothing can stop us from gathering these treasures. EVER. But for now, you need to see what else we’ve gathered. Keep scrolling.

13. A beautiful scene to watch

via Dogue

With a beautiful dog. Mesmerizing. 

14. This dog is into fitness. Like fitness-muffins-in-my-mouth…

via Dogue

That sugary snout! AAAHHHH

15. One does not simply achieve all the achievements…

via Dogue

This doggo does!

16. Someone’s having fun at the beach…

via Dogue

With that beach bod and eye shadow. B E A U T Y. 

17. Why name it milk box when there’s no milk..?

via Dogue

‘Hey, don’t look at me like that!’

18. ‘But you said we were going to a water park’

via Dogue

Looking neat & sad. Poor doggo.

19. What is it about bath times that dogs don’t love…

via Dogue

If there’s any dog that does, we’d like to meet him.

20. When you fake sleep so you don’t have to do any more chores…

via Dogue

But you’re not this dog, so you’ll get caught anyways.

21. How your girl be when she needs something…

via Dogue

Here we go againnnn.

22. You don’t need cash when you’ve got these irresistible eyes …

via Dogue

You can get anything and everything you want.

23. How you sit in the kitchen when you hear your parents talking about how much of a disappointment you are…

via Dogue

Well, some things are natural.

Ah, that’s it for today. You have successfully reached the end. Just the end of the post, don’t worry. We assure you that these dog snaps will keep on coming because we know you love it too! We hope these cute little buds continue to make us smile and laugh with all their silliness and craziness. Also, kudos to all you owners who happen to capture the perfect moment and share it with us. We love your efforts and your dogs…a bit too much. Which one did you like the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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