Fresh Animal Memes To Get You Through The Week

We know it’s been a rough week, well more like a year for you, and for all of us, what with all the adulting, working, studying, and trying to stay sane during this pandemic. Well, you’re here now and we’re here, too with the best collection of animal memes you can find on the planet (or the internet, we like to be dramatic, obviously). These memes are sure to put a smile on your face because let’s just face it, pets are like that.

For pet lovers like us, nothing is better than pet memes. Nothing beats our love for silly dog jokes or silly cat pictures. Let’s just agree on one fact, no one can ever get enough of animal memes. Is this fact established? Good. Now let’s move on and discuss what is it in pet memes that we love them so much. Is it the witty acts of your cat or the or silly little deeds of your dog that make you laugh? No matter what your answer is we hope you enjoy this pawfect new collection of memes of all of our best friends, and may you get to the weekend with only your desire to cuddle your pet and much more!

1. Raccoon in my house

Via DevilPieBandit

So, this neighbor’s ‘kind act’ caused so much trouble for the owner. But how difficult is it to notice that this is in fact, not a cat?

2. Ouch Charlie

Via DevilPieBandit

3. What’s the worst that could happen, ammrite?

Via @IsaacFitzgerald

We’d be confused, too.

4. Just look at the pug!

Via DevilPieBandit

It’s all worth it!

5. Dog and cement

Via DevilPieBandit

This picture is a hilarious story in itself. The owner is cementing an area of his house only to find it ruined by his dog who was playing with his ball. The dog’s so busted! Guess now it just has a permanent place for it’s ball.

6. EXCUSE ME?!?!

Via moshimoshimike


7. The most beautiful birds you’ll ever see

Via wittyandcharming

These parent birds are out of the world pretty but maybe their baby hasn’t developed his features fully. He looks like a funny muppet.

8. Backpack kitty!

Via @inihelene, @RealMasonMcCool

TBH, we would, too.

9. Aww, Himalayan Marmots!

Via funnywildlife

This hill lady has a habit of feeding the little marmots and they’re all in love with her. They look like teeny tiny wittle babies.

10. Don’t focus on anything else.

Via  DevilPieBandit

11. Mystery solved!

Via Forest In My Garden

This is no longer your pot. It now belongs to the doggo.

12. Snow sheep for you

Via mangomangotan

13. You better pray for your life.

Via seitukucat

This guard dog is about to get some criminals behind bars.

14. It fits purrr-fectly.

Via DevilPieBandit

Pets make up our whole life, may it be a dog, a cat, a pony, a bird, or even a cow. They are there for us when we need them and put our sadness to rest once we’re with them. Pets give people so much in terms of love and emotional support and that’s the reason we can’t help ourselves but be fond of them. They are non-judgmental and provide us real love, connection and add meaning to our life. If you’re a fellow pet owner, you must know what the effect a pet has on you. Well, time over for being too emotional, let’s just get back to the list! I swear I didn’t cry…

15. Get me some real food!

Via DevilPieBandit

Gosh Darnit hooman.

16. Story of the bed

Via @bedsafely

17. Where can we report this? 1800-Meow-Meow

Via DevilPieBandit

Sir, this is a very sirius crime.

18. It’s a cute little walking cloud.

Via @DKisfake

19. The howling Hig!

Via DevilPieBandit

Just looking for some attention, hooman.

20. Angel or dog?

Via JOAnna Kennedy

21. I don’t want to wear it!

Via DevilPieBandit

The times when your grandma makes you something hideous and you don’t wanna wear it but your mom forces it onto you.

22. Beware of the dog!

Via DevilPieBandit

Pet it. Pet it. PET IT.

23. The unique pony!

Via @karengeier

This cute little pony is the most adorable thing we saw on the internet today and it seems he is well aware of his beauty.

24. We’ve all heard of the cone of shame, but have you ever heard of…

Via DevilPieBandit

25. It’s his kingdom

Via DevilPieBandit

The owner of this kitty named Allie placed the cake box up on the top so the cat doesn’t sit on it but guess what the cat did? He just sat on it anyway.

26. Has it been like this.. for hours…

Via DevilPieBandit

27. This is why you should just let them chill wherever they want to.

Via @liz_buckley, @Independent

What an interesting story of a cow escaping a slaughterhouse!

28. Gotta keep em company.

Via  DevilPieBandit

And, sadly we have reached the end! How did you like these pet memes? Do you have a pet at home who provides you with a meme goldmine or is your pet boring? Do let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to show us pictures of those adorable little munchkins you have at home.

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