20 Puppies Who Behaved Like Very Good Boys At Their First Vet Visit

  • By Saif
  • July 8, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Puppies behaved like very very good boys at their first visit to hospital.

Have you at any point saw a pup and it is so mind-numbingly adorable you can’t fight the temptation to cuddle it?

I don’t think there can be a debate when we talk about pups and cuteness. We all agree on the fact that pups are one of the most adorable beings on Earth. A majority of the people would prefer pups over cats as pets and we do understand why. Pups are the most loyal animals. They are very playful and cheerful. They can instantly brighten up anyone’s mood.

However, providing pups with a safe and healthy environment is really important. They should be given proper shelter and their hygiene should be taken care of. Moreover, they should be granted the basic quality of life and vet visits also come under this.

In this article, we have collected some pictures of adorable pups who had their first vet visits and these little babies actually had a good time and behaved well. Scroll down and see for yourself!


1. Look at this cute little boy, having such a peaceful sleep.

This picture indicates that the pup had a good visit. He sure loves his Vet!

2. The little pup doesn’t know that she is being played.

A nice trick, to be honest, giving food to the pup so she is more attentive towards the food rather than the shot.

3. Looks like the pup finally found a comfortable place to sleep!

Cute dogo slept through his entire checkup session.

4. Ready, set & go!

These brave boys are not scared of injections and are ready!

5. I am an obedient and a brave pup!

6. Yes, sir, I know it won’t hurt much, but still please be gentle.

Aww, look at this adorable and strong little pup.

7. My visit has been completed and I just want to go now.

Little pup only wants to take a picture with the sign, obviously, that’s all vets do?!

8. I will stay calm and wait for my turn.

9. Mom, I am not having a good feeling about this, can we please leave?

The little pup isn’t very pleased by the vet’s clinic.

10. I am not Scared, you are…

11. I know I look like a chicken nugget, but you can’t eat me.

12. Excuse me? Do I have to lie down here? Doesn’t seem very comfy.

Dogo would like to examine the table before being examined.

13. Bring it on Doc! I can put up with anything.

14. But will I get a treat biscuit at the end of my visit?

We’re just here for the treat, we don’t care about anything else.

15. Did you tell the doc that I don’t like waiting?

Can’t the doctor be a little faster, please? I want to go home.

16. Look at my face? Does it look like I wanna stay here any longer?

17. They can’t agree on who is going first for the injection…

All of them want to go last, how will this problem be solved?

18. Hold my leg, Sara, I might try to run away… Hehehe kidding, I Love This Doc!

19. Not very excited about this visitation. What time will we leave?

20. I love the Doc, he is so kind. Can we come here more often?

We all love happy pups! And it seems like this pup had a great visit.


So that’s about it, I hope you really enjoyed these adorable pictures. Don’t forget to take a snap of your pup on its next vet visit. Tell us which one was your favourite pup picture in the comments section below!

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